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  Ox here…since you’re on this page, there’s a really good chance that I met you in Springfield.  I hope you had an awesome time. I was talking with Bob today (Thursday…the first day of the shoot) and he asked me why I made the cards.  Basically, I saw a HUGE disconnect between how every…

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Smooth Out & Speed Up Your Drawstroke

  Ox here again with a video and article on an incredibly high octane drill that will do more to speed up your drawstroke in less time than any other drill I know of. I originally shot this video 3 years ago.  It’s received more than half a million views and is one of the…

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Smooth out and speed up your drawstroke, transitions, and visual acuity

  Ox here again with 3 more high-speed metronome drills. Yesterday, we talked about using a metronome in your dry fire practice to work on smoothing out your trigger control. Today, we’re going to cover 3 more metronome drills that will smooth out and speed up your drawstroke, transitions, and ability to focus on the…

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Integrating Dry Fire & Live Fire with a Metronome (part 1 of 2)

  Ox here…co-creator of Tactical Firearms Training Secrets and Dry Fire Training Cards. One of the biggest I get about dry fire training is whether or not it will carry over to live fire training. Specifically, shooters bring up the fact that you can squeeze the trigger faster when doing dry fire than when you’re…

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