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5.56 or 9mm for home defense?

One of the smartest reasons that people own and train with firearms is for home defense…to protect themselves and those they love during their most vulnerable moments. One of the big reasons why people don’t use a carbine for home defense is because they’re afraid of overpenetration…especially compared to a pistol round like the 9mm.…

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Countering The Myths of Gun Violence

As I was preparing this article, I realized that a lot of what I wanted to say had already been written…after the Sandy Hook murders, San Bernardino, Southerland Springs, Pulse Nightclub, Charleston, Parkland and others.  They are absolutely horrible, but the only reason why they’re unusual and shocking is because we choose to close our…

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3 Firearms Training Myths (and Quick Fixes)

  Record numbers of new shooters combined with a HUGE number of firearms instructors with combat experience have created an explosion in firearms training. In almost all cases, the schools are delivering great instruction. But most students leaving these classes are buying into one, two, or three of the following gun training myths…even though the…

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