Dan Bongino shares a “fight to your gun” video

I got an awesome video today from Robert…he said, “Coffee cup in the face on video 👍 it worked great”

Notice how behind-the-curve he is as he turns around.

He’s trapped in a fatal funnel with a gun pointed at him…inches away.

I am not sure if this husband/dad has gone through our “Fight To Your Gun” training or the one-of-a-kind “Dynamic Gunfight Training” but we teach this exact technique in both courses as well as several other “cheats” to use when you find yourself blindsided and behind the curve of a criminal lowlife sneak attack.

A few observations here…

  1. The bad guys had great angles.
  2. The point man used speed, surprise, and concealment very well.
  3. The bad guys used the fatal funnel to their advantage…they let the husband/dad make it all the way into the noose before making their presense known.
  4. The husband/dad either thought quickly or (more likely) executed a practiced action.
  5. He transitioned from cup-toss to draw & shoot without a lag.  That is a skill you SHOULD be practicing on a regular basis.
  6. His left thumb went behind the slide…not a good day when that happens.  It could be an artifact from shooting revolvers.
  7. He aggressed and moved to the mouth of the fatal funnel.  (I’m not sure if he could have opened the door and gone inside without turning his back to the threat)
  8. Disengaging is a skill that’s rarely practiced.  Once you’re in fight & shoot mode, how do you know to stop other than completing a prescribed course of fire?
  9. The first couple of times I watched it, it appeared as if he was not aware of the 2nd attacker.  This is not a criticism…it’s a potential reality of high stress physiology.  In watching again, I’m not sure if he was aware in the moment or not.  After the fact, when he was talking to reporters, it was obvious that he knew that there were 2 attackers.
  10. He aggressively moved out of the fatal funnel and took concealment behind his vehicle…one because he had none in the fatal funnel and two, to move the fight away from his loved ones.

Does your current training look like this?

It should.

If you want to be able to perform when lives depend on your actions.

Tossing coffee is awesome, but it’s just one of many options you’ve got to create time and space to get your gun into a fight, and we cover them in Fight To Your Gun and Dynamic Gunfight Training.

Get one…get both…but do this kind of work.  In your home.  Today.

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  • Bill

    Reply Reply November 8, 2023

    What if you have nothing to throw at the guy. I might tackle him but he could still shoot me

  • rod vanzeller

    Reply Reply November 8, 2023

    What happened after?
    Did he get arrested?
    Did his gun get confiscated?

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