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Run, Hide, or Fight! (5 Techniques For Defeating Active Shooters)

  Recent shootings at churches and schools has brought one question to the top of people’s minds… If you were going about your business at a store, in the mall, at a sporting event, or in a hospital and heard that warning, what would you do? Run, Hide, or Fight? Your answer is your answer. …

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Avoid, Deter, Defend: Bonus

Avoid Deter Defend Bonus Module: These bonuses are designed to be supplemental trainings to the Avoid Deter Defend Course. Please complete the main training modules before starting the bonus trainings. Dirt Dive Training Tips Never Unarmed Avoid, Deter, Defend: Home Page

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Situational Awareness & Immediate Action Drills

One of the things that makes the US military so effective is the use of immediate action drills. Immediate action drills are pre-programmed responses used to bridge the gap between a surprise hostile event and when you can come up with a plan.  Surprise hostile events like… Incoming mortars & artillery Ambush IED Incoming fire…

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Counter-Ambush (mugging) Response For Non-Tactical Loved Ones

I’ve got a great quick video for you today on identifying and responding to ambush attacks. Attackers of all sorts…good or bad…animal or human…use the L-Shaped ambush to quickly and efficiently take out their intended target.  Ambushes are used in military battles around the globe, they’re used to attack law enforcement, and they’re used on…

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