Situational Awareness & Immediate Action Drills

One of the things that makes the US military so effective is the use of immediate action drills.

Immediate action drills are pre-programmed responses used to bridge the gap between a surprise hostile event and when you can come up with a plan.  Surprise hostile events like…

  • Incoming mortars & artillery
  • Ambush
  • IED
  • Incoming fire
  • Gun malfunctions

To be effective, these pre-programmed responses need to happen without conscious thought…subconsciously, or even unconsciously, to be effective.

True situational awareness is the same.  It needs to happen subconsciously or even at the unconscious level to be fast enough to be effective.

“Listen to your gut”

“Watch your six”

“Look out for bad guys”

“Stay in condition yellow”

These are all good rules to live by, but on their own, they’re low speed tactics for high speed times.

What you want to do is feed the subconscious mind clear threat profiles.

When the subconscious mind has simple, clear, accurate threat profiles, it does an amazing job of keeping you safe.

Now, combine those threat profiles with immediate action drills…not military immediate action drills that only are designed for a war zone or law enforcement immediate action drills where you have a duty to pursue, but for the civilian defender, who needs to go home safely at night and limit liability.

What do you end up with?

Avoid, Deter, Defend.

The only situational awareness course (The only course of ANY kind for that matter) that seamlessly integrates the pre-fight, the fight, and the post fight.

It will help you

  • Detect threats like you have passive sonar running 24/7,
  • Give you proven techniques to keep a fight from happening once you detect a threat,
  • Effectively “encourage” prospective attackers to pick another target after they’ve locked on to you, and
  • How to execute immediate action drills if an attack comes that will stop the threat or allow you to switch over to any self defense technique or tool you already have in your toolbox.

You’ll also learn how to effectively deploy THE most effective defensive tool that exists…how you can run it through x-ray machines and full-body pat-downs and even use it on someone who’s “sketchy” in a dark parking lot 35 yards away without causing a problem…try that with a gun, knife, or pepper spray.  (hint…look at the picture)

This standalone program meshes seamlessly with the Real World Safety SEAL Threat Detection course and takes situational awareness training to a level that hasn’t been available outside of specialized military and intelligence units…until now.

This training is designed specifically for the civilian defender…but it’s effective enough for the most serious operator, yet the PERFECT training for spouses who aren’t switched-on and college students for when you’re not around to protect them.

Learn more now by clicking >HERE<

I’ll be telling you more about the course over the next few weeks, but keep the link in this email handy…it’s the only way that you can get the course at 29% off.  Better yet, go ahead and order the DVDs right now (or, for a loved one if you’ve already got them) while you’re thinking about it.

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