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Top 10 Reasons You Should Shoot Competitively

Ox here…we are fast approaching summer and, along with warm weather, this time of year gives us thousands of opportunities across the country to compete in local, regional, and national shooting sports events that can make you a better defensive shooter. Specifically, IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) matches, AGAG (A Girl & A Gun), USPSA…

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Visual Perception Delay and In-The-Back Shootings

  Every few months, we’ll see or hear stories about an officer or law abiding citizen shooting an attacker in the back. In some cases, there is even security camera or body camera footage showing what happened.  But do you know that what the camera recorded is different than what the shooter saw?  Not just…

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Pistol Training In Your Car That could make you a safer driver

  Sometimes (actually quite often) I find crossover between what I’m doing on the firearms training front and the rest of my life. Vision training is one of those areas.  The same exercises that help me pick up my front sight faster also help me keep my eyes on the road more when I’m driving…

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Navy SEAL Emergency Reload Techniques Compared

Today, I want to share a quick clip from retired Navy SEAL, Larry Yatch’s “Concealed Carry Masters Course” as well as some updates In it, they show the only side-by-side comparison of releasing the slide with the slide stop vs. racking the slide that I’ve seen. Like it? Please click the “thumb’s up” button in…

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3 Firearms Training Myths (and Quick Fixes)

  Record numbers of new shooters combined with a HUGE number of firearms instructors with combat experience have created an explosion in firearms training. In almost all cases, the schools are delivering great instruction. But most students leaving these classes are buying into one, two, or three of the following gun training myths…even though the…

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Interview between Andy Curtiss (3rd Special Forces Group) and Chris Graham (Force Recon)

  Chris Graham sent over a video today of an interview that Andy Curtiss did with him. If you don’t know, Andy Curtiss served in the US Army 3rd Special Forces Group, is a professional MMA fighter, and runs a self-defense school in Dallas that you can find out more about by going to:…

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