3 Techniques For Clearing Cover Garments

One part of concealed carry that trips up a lot of people is clearing your cover garment from the gun.

It can get caught up on the butt of your gun, you can grab a hand-full of cover garment as you’re drawing, or cover can block your draw all together.

So, today, I’ve got a video from Beau Doboszenski on 3 different techniques for clearing cover. The rake, double rake, and single hand.

In an ideal world, you’d only need one.  I my world, where reality gets in the way and temperatures range from below zero to over 100, I need all 3.


Beau, Larry and the cadre of instructors from the Navy, Marines, and Army went on a multi-year quest to scientifically test and validate the effectiveness of different techniques.

They ran 140 classes per month for 3+ years in what could affectionately be called a “stress shooting lab.”

And they incorporated the lessons into >THIS TRAINING< which you can get a special St Patrick’s Day discount on this week!

You already know that SEALs are regarded as incredible shooters and great instructors in general, but Larry is on a completely different level.

In fact, here’s what Eric Davis, former Master Training Specialist for the SEAL Sniper program, has to say about Larry’s training:

“When acting as a lead SEAL sniper instructor we had to leverage every technique we could to optimize human performance. 

We were successful as seen by the effectiveness of our students like Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell.

Larry has broken down and accelerated the process of teaching and learning defensive combat shooting utilizing many of these same structures in the Concealed Carry Masters Course.

If you care about learning to defend yourself and your family in the most effective manner possible you have no other choice than Sealed Mindset’s Concealed Carry Masters Course.”

– Eric Davis, former Master Training Specialist for the SEAL Sniper program

And now you can get this same level of training when you click >HERE< now!

As I said, Larry, Beau (and their training systems) are on a different level.

Just 2 more quick “Larry” stories you may be familiar with…

When former Navy SEAL Dick Couch wrote the New York Times Bestseller, “Downrange,” about exceptional stories of SEALs in OIF/OEF, he devoted a chapter to Larry (with a different name since Larry was still operational at the time) and the system of taking over armored ships that Larry developed.

If you’ve watched any TV specials, read any books, or played any video games about the SEAL raid on the largest oil platform in the world on the opening night of the war in Iraq (the largest Special Operations mission in history), Larry led his SEAL platoon on that incredibly successful assault.

Why do I tell you this?

Because Larry and Beau are two of the guys who warriors want to learn from, and train under.  And now you can too when you go >HERE<

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, I strongly recommend that you train with Beau.  Learn more by clicking >HERE<  He’s become a good friend over the years.  He was guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier the morning of 9/11 and was one of the very first responders to the Pentagon.  After deploying for the GWOT, he joined Sealed Mindset and eventually became their lead instructor…he now runs a firearms training school that uses a martial arts training format called Defensive Mindset Training.

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