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Chemical Hack to Shoot Better Faster

  People are busier today than they ever have been, and shooters are no exception. We’ve got a billion dollar firearms training industry that promises to help shooters get better, faster than they could on their own. But what if I told you that there is a simple way to accelerate the learning process? To…

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Beyond 20/20 Vision At Any Age

Roughly 80% of the sensory input that the brain gets comes from the eyes. Vision is key to keep your balance when standing, and it’s the primary sense that you use to detect threats, identify threats, avoid attacks, target strikes (with a firearm or empty handed), and more. When most people think about vision, they…

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Recoil Management For Fast Double Taps

One of the goals that many shooters aspire to is being able to put fast, accurate double-taps on target. Definitions vary, but for most people, that’s getting one sight picture and putting 2 rounds on or incredibly near your point of aim in rapid succession (.1-.2 seconds between shots) without getting a second clear, crisp…

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4 Firearms Myths That Bad Guys Believe And You Shouldn’t

  Ox here with 4 myths about firearms accuracy that bad guys believe and you shouldn’t MYTH 1.  You can’t shoot accurately with a (fill in the blank) pistol. Normally, I hear this argument about subcompacts, pistols/revolvers with long heavy triggers, or pistols that have a long double action for the first round and a…

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Inducing and Controlling Stress in Firearms Training

  The topic of state based training has been hot in pop-gun training culture over the last few years.  The idea is that if you train in the same state (extremely afraid, flight or fright, etc.) that you’ll perform the same way in a lethal force encounter.  In other words, “train the way you fight…

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