2 steps to a sub-second drawstroke


Today, we’re going to go over some specific techniques for speeding up your drawstroke using the camera on your smartphone.

With the simple techniques I’m going to show you, you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix problems in your technique in a few minutes in your living room…problems that would normally take hours on the range with a shooting diagnostics expert to identify and correct.

Just one of these techniques…that I see all the time…can slash a quarter second off of the time it takes you to make an accurate first shot.

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Here’s why this is important…

All things considered, being able to draw and get off an accurate first shot from concealment in under a second is relatively unimportant for winning a gunfight. (good news for older, slower, and/or injured shooters)


Having technique that’s smooth enough, efficient enough, and consistent enough to allow you to put a first shot on target in under a second is the kind of technique that is less likely to fall apart under the chaos of a high stress, life-and-death situation.

What happens is that when people focus on shooting faster by moving their limbs faster, they get more erratic and inconsistent performance.  That erratic performance gets amplified by stress and speed.

But if you focus on shooting faster by eliminating wasted movement, being efficient, and being consistent from rep to rep, speed+accuracy are just natural byproducts.

As I said in the video, when I do a video analysis with students, I run their technique through a 140+ point checklist JUST for drawstroke and reloads.  What you saw in the video was 4 of those points.  A lot of the best practices are embedded in the 21 Day Alpha Shooter Home Study Course, but if you’re more interested in customized, individual instruction, please let us know by commenting below and we’ll get back to you with the details.

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    Reply Reply May 4, 2017

    I have timed draws at .8 sec. However, usually my grip comes apart when below one second. it is still a conscience process. Thinking on every part of the draw. if I move and shoot, my draw speed is smooth and feels fast. not thinking just doing.

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