How To Shoot 1 Hole Groups With A Pistol


If you or a loved one want to be able to shoot 1 hole groups, then keep reading…

What kind of shooting performance is possible when you master the mental component of shooting?

If you follow Insight’s Deadly Accuracy Home Study program, you’ll be shooting 1 hole groups within your first few minutes on the range after going through the home study program, like Joe Homs from California talks about in the video below:

Joe was a novice shooter, even though he’d been around guns his entire life, as evidenced by his use of “clip” instead of “mag” or “magazine”, but who cares if he knows the right terminology if he can out shoot the majority of the shooters at his range!

You might be asking why 1 hole groups are important.

4 reasons.

1. Most shooters (even experienced ones) can’t shoot a 1 hole group at 5 feet, let alone 11, 21, or farther out. A 1 hole group is a great test/benchmark to IMMEDIATELY tell you if you’ve got your grip, trigger press, vision, and sight alignment correct. Add speed to the equation, and you raise the bar a quantum leap.

2. The nationwide average hit ratio for law enforcement is 15-25%. The rest of the rounds fired miss their target. Just like Mel Gibson taught his son in “Patriot,” “Aim Small, Miss Small.” If you let yourself merely hit the target in training, stats, history and logic tells us that you’ll miss a lot under stress. If you train to shoot 1 hole groups–at first slowly and then progressively speed up–your groups may very well still expand under stress, but stats, history, and logic tells us that you’ll hit more and MISS LESS.

3. The mental dynamics that are taught in the Deadly Accuracy Home Study Course have been proven in real life engagements to help the shooter remain calm and in control when most people would lose it. They’re able to use their front sight and they’re able to put fast, accurate shots on target. It’s not just about shooting 1 hole groups–that’s just a stupid human trick that you’ll pick up–it’s about performing at an incredibly high level when you’re behind the curve and lives are on the line and putting rounds where they need to go to stop a threat.

4.  When you know you can shoot 1 hole groups, your EARNED (not bluster & bravado) confidence goes up.  When your earned confidence is high, you stay calmer.

When you stay calmer and remain more in control in an extreme stress situation, you’ll dump less adrenaline, have a lower heart rate, you’ll be able to suppress your fight or flight response, and the higher level implicit system of the brain will remain more in control…all of which leads to seeing and identifying threats faster, reacting faster, and performing closer to how you would under ideal conditions.

(Confidence is 1 of many factors…having it won’t guarantee success, but a lack of confidence greatly increases the chance of failure in an extreme stress situation)

5.  One hole groups in practice translates to quicker stops and fewer misses (less liability) in combat/self-defense situations.

There’s a school of thought that teaches that you should spread out your shots against an attacker so that you hit more organs and stop them faster.  Theoretically, I agree with this with a carbine or rifle.

But a pistol is not a carbine or rifle.  A pistol is a relatively pathetic tool for stopping lethal threats in a timely manner and it normally takes multiple well placed shots to stop the threat from a determined attacker who is at close range.  (Determined attacker=one who doesn’t turn and run at the sight of a muzzle blast, regardless of what it does.)

If you take exception to my comment about pistol ammo being pathetic, check your state’s hunting laws and see what caliber they consider to be the minimum humane caliber to use on deer.  In most states, you’ll find that the guns that most people carry on a daily basis aren’t legal for hunting.

So, back to spreading your groups out vs. 1 hole groups…

2 things…First off, shooting a one hole group at a static paper target standing flat footed doesn’t necessarily translate to shooting a 1 hole group on a dynamic attacker when you’re moving. If you train to shoot 1 hole groups…or at least tight groups, you’ll get the 2-5″ groups that you’re looking for in combat when you add in speed, stress, and motion. If you insist on shooting a standard of 5-8″ groups in practice (without being able to shoot 1 hole groups), stats and hundreds of police after action reports per year show that you’ll probably miss your target with 8-9 of 10 shots fired.

Second, keep in mind that even the best defensive ammo is weak and underpowered compared to carbine and rifle ammunition and piling round after round on top of each other is a wonderful thing…if you have a specific purpose and target in mind.

If you’re piling round after round through the lower right quadrant of the belly, you’re wasting time and ammo. But if you’re viewing your attacker 3 dimensionally, as you should be, and aiming through the body for the T3-T4 vertebrae, then let’s say, for arguments sake, that the first round uses up a lot of it’s energy punching through clothing and the sternum or other bone.

The 2nd shot could go 2″ away from it and spend a lot of it’s energy punching through barriers again, OR it could go right through the first hole and have significantly more energy to disrupt the circulatory system or possibly even get a CNS stoppage by hitting the spine.

Will the second example really happen?  Probably not.  The first example is more realistic than the second–the chance of you and your attacker being in the exact same spot and orientation from 1 shot to the next is next to zero…which is all the more reason to TRY to pile your rounds on top of each other rather than adding a variable to the equation.

So, go ahead…get it now and shoot better than you thought possible by going >HERE< now << 60% off and FREE shipping this week!

*update*  Due to a number of questions about not having video showing shooters shooting 1 hole groups, here’s a video where I use the Insight method to shoot 17 rounds through a 1″ hole in 11 seconds from 11 feet…after 6 months of not doing any live fire practice:

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  • Bill Mulleady

    Reply Reply September 28, 2015

    You’ve lost ALL credibility with me! “I put an entire “clip” and I’ve even around gu s my whole life? Yeah, ok…my 15 year old knows the difference between a clip and a magazine. Why didn’t you just use a rapper as the actor. No thanks, too many scammers out there already, welcome to the scam club

    • Ox

      Reply Reply September 28, 2015

      LOL, Bill…I can understand if you just watched the video and didn’t read anything, but go back and take a look at the paragraph RIGHT below the video.

      I pointed out that he called the magazine a clip in error (he’s a former student…Matt or me). The guy in the video isn’t an actor and I apologize if he doesn’t fit your expectation of “perfect”, but he’s a real shooter and a real student with real results.

      As to lambasting people who call a magazine a clip…you might want to cool your jets a little bit. The future of our sport/passion isn’t us older guys, it’s newer shooters who are still learning. If you want our representatives to have the votes they need to preserve gun rights, then kindly educate newer shooters, but please don’t alienate them.

  • CTozzer

    Reply Reply September 24, 2015

    Mac yet???

    • Ox

      Reply Reply September 25, 2015

      Not yet 🙁

  • Deck Hazen

    Reply Reply May 8, 2015

    Hi Ox,

    That’s fantastic, could you send me the link so I can read the details please. I’m not a terrible shot, but I’ve been a member of our local club for about 2 years now and I get to the range at least twice a month. We shoot from about 20 or 25 meters from the target (IPSC rules) and my score has only slightly improved in all that time. At least every shot now hits the paper but I’d like to shoot better.

    — Deck

  • Bobo

    Reply Reply May 8, 2015

    When it’s available on Mac, we’ll talk 😉

  • Ken Baker

    Reply Reply May 8, 2015

    How far out is the Mac OS version. I was ready to purchase today. Already use dry fire cards. Awesome!

    • Ox

      Reply Reply May 8, 2015

      I’m hesitant to answer until I know for sure.

  • Deck Hazen

    Reply Reply May 8, 2015

    Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    • Ox

      Reply Reply May 8, 2015


  • Jay

    Reply Reply May 7, 2015

    The video in the new link with they guy putting 17 rounds in a 1-inch hole was promoting the dry fire training cards. How does that figure into this promotion for Insight’s Home Study course?

    • Ox

      Reply Reply May 7, 2015

      Hi Jay, you might have missed this part…

      “The core foundation that he locked in with Dry Fire Training Cards was the Deadly Accuracy one-hole-group shooting system (”

      I clarified it to (hopefully) make it more clear.

  • Edward johnson

    Reply Reply May 7, 2015

    What is the costs

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