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Training Kindergarten Teachers To Use Violence

Violence. We’ve heard a lot about violence lately… “Gun Violence” “Violent Crime” “Violent Altercation” “Violent Video Games” “Violent Sports” “Violence on TV” Etc. In fact, the message is so consistent and prevalent that I could understand if you might even catch yourself thinking that violence is bad from time to time. But is violence bad?…

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After Action From Concealed Carry Masters Course Live

We held the first Concealed Carry Masters LIVE Course earlier this month and it was a tremendous success. It sold out a couple of weeks before and we received several requests from people who want to attend the next one. Today, I want to share some of the big takeaways from the weekend, as well…

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5 Myths About “Gun Free” Zones

In light of recent events, I wanted to re-share an article that I wrote awhile back about the myth of gun free zones… There’s been a lot of talk recently about “Gun Free” zones and, frankly, a lot of it has been useless blather from people who know nothing about guns and reveal more and…

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Situational Awareness & Immediate Action Drills

One of the things that makes the US military so effective is the use of immediate action drills. Immediate action drills are pre-programmed responses used to bridge the gap between a surprise hostile event and when you can come up with a plan.  Surprise hostile events like… Incoming mortars & artillery Ambush IED Incoming fire…

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Eyes In The Back Of Your Head Situational Awareness

One of the first lessons that you hear when you start learning about situational awareness is to position yourself where you can have your back protected and best see approaching threats. It’s not a new concept. 150 years or so ago, it was called the “Gunfighter’s Seat.” It’s the seat in a restaurant, bar, office,…

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Beyond 20/20 Vision At Any Age

Roughly 80% of the sensory input that the brain gets comes from the eyes. Vision is key to keep your balance when standing, and it’s the primary sense that you use to detect threats, identify threats, avoid attacks, target strikes (with a firearm or empty handed), and more. When most people think about vision, they…

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