What I Learned Training With The Aus SAS


Ox here, with an email that I’m very excited to share with you.

Ox (middle) with Aus SAS

Ox (middle) with Aus SAS

Last year, I got a call asking me if I could fly down to Vegas the next day to help demonstrate some shooting techniques on film for a law enforcement training DVD that a couple of Australian SAS guys were putting together…they’re Tier I guys similar to our Delta/CAG or Team 6/DEVGRU.

It turned out that I’d been writing conceptually about tactics and techniques that they were actually using in combat…successfully, and that they were teaching to special operations units around the globe.

In short, they found that the way almost all instructors were integrating empty hands, blades, pistols, and carbines in combat wasn’t working.  The training & thinking wasn’t integrated and the training that was called “integrated” was really just cobbled together.

Even worse, they found that the “contact shooting” or fighting with a pistol at bad-breath distance, techniques being taught simply failed in real life combat against real bad guys who were trying to kill them.  And teamates died because of it.  (I’ll tell you about one ambush in a minute)

In short:

If it’s not in your hand – it’s not your primary weapon!

Most of us own a gun.

And if a bad situation warrants its use, it’s almost everyone’s primary choice of response.

Mine, too.

There’s too much uncertainty in today’s random street violence to bet your life on anything less.

But depending on a weapon that you can’t get into action while you’re in a fight for your life is a recipie for disaster.

Unfortunately, these Spec Ops guys paid hard for this lesson.

A commander from a sister unit had a life changing experience one night when their patrol was ambushed in a village in Afghanistan.

Although heavily armed and highly trained in the use of firearms, his squad ended up fighting for their lives against an enemy so close (we’re talking bad breath distance) that there was no chance to even draw a firearm, let alone use it.

Their lack of training at such close distance resulted in many lost lives that night–even though many were experts in combat martial arts.

And this lead to the eventual creation of the course taught to Spec Op units worldwide, the law enforcement training that I was a part of, AND a DVD training program that you can go through that was done with my friend Tim Larkin from Target Focus Training.

The course mirrors TFT principles so closely it’s the only time I’ve ever recommended you get another combat instructor’s program.

Why you should give this program a close look. . .

Well over 1,000 people have gotten this DVD program since it was  introduced.

And because so many crucial points were made across the 6 DVDs that comprise the course we had many requests to summarize these into a single document.

Now, with the latest release of this DVD set we’ve done just that. . . and more.

  1. We’ve created a 4,000+ word “Executive Summary” that not only helps you get on top of the most vital concepts and principles of this material quickly and succinctly, we also time-coded each of the notes to the specific section of the DVD they appear so you can go straight to the video and watch the entire original discussion. It’s a tool I believe you’ll find invaluable.

    Plus. . .
  2. When you get the training you can access this material either digitally online or portably from your own personal DVD set.

Here’s the thing: When you order a set of these Extreme Close Combat Shooting DVDs by this Sunday, you get both the “Executive Summary” –AND– the complete digital version of this series included with your order at no additional cost.


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But this code is only valid through Sunday evening.

Simply use this link to read more about this revolutionary new program (these guys are still the “go-to” instructors in the Spec Op community – it was only through inside connections that got them to Vegas and this training is the only civilian training they’ve ever done).


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To your continued personal safety,




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