The 3 “Mass Shootings” you didn’t hear about, but should have…

  1. You probably already know about the career criminal and 4-time convicted felon who sped past a birthday party with 40 attendees in West Virginia a few weeks ago and was asked to slow down because children were playing near/in the street.

He decided that the best course of action was to go home, get a carbine, and come back to shoot up the birthday party.

Fortunately, a lawfully armed woman who was at the party fatally shot the man with her pistol.  He was stopped in his tracks before he could create a “mass shooting.”

It was the mass shooting that wasn’t…because there was a legally armed woman there with a gun in her purse and the grit in her soul to solve the problem, regardless of what the attacker was armed with.

You didn’t hear about it because it didn’t mesh with any of the narratives that the media wants you to believe.

Contrast that to the Buffalo Police Commissioner, who recently said that an officer with a pistol can’t be expected to succeed against a bad guy with a rifle…even if the pistol is loaded with lung-blowing 9mm rounds.

Maybe if they carry their guns in purses like the mom at the party…or if their training was similar to what the armed mom had, they’d stand a chance.

Quite frankly, this is complete B.S. and the Commissioner should know better.

To be fair, if that’s how they train their officers then they shouldn’t expect them to perform to a higher standard, but I share 9 examples of good guys with pistols taking out bad guys with long guns >HERE< including one that involved a close friend/neighbor of mine.  Just because a situation is not ideal or desirable doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

2. Then…did you hear about the mass shooting in Norway?  Probably not.  Norway has some of the most restrictive gun ownership laws in Europe.

Even so, pictures were released in May of a man who spent 15 minutes shooting arrows at people and stabbing people in a supermarket last October.  He pled guilty to 5 counts of murder and 11 counts of attempted murder.

Again, it didn’t fit the narrative.  The media doesn’t like to recognize the fact that violent people will use violence to try to get their way, regardless of what tool they use.  Always have.  Always will.

3. How about 40 parishioners being killed and 61 more hospitalized in an attack on a Catholic church a few weeks ago?  Nope…you probably didn’t hear about that because it was the wrong target, wrong bad guys, and wrong location.

It was in Nigeria, it was Islamic terrorists, they weren’t using AR-15s, and evidently only the right US deaths count for the media’s agenda.

What’s the difference in the outcomes?  Between none or a few people being murdered and a lot?

The difference is whether or not there were good, peaceful people who dislike violence being equipped and prepared, at a moment’s notice, to use violence to stop bad guys using violence.

Whether it’s a civilian first responder with a gun, armed security, off-duty law enforcement, patrol, or SWAT, it’s the moral application of violence that stops the immoral application of violence.

Ed Monk has studied mass murders extensively and says we should expect 1 death every 10 seconds for the first minute.  With an 8, 11, or 88 minute response time from law enforcement, that means we need “tactical first responders” who are within ear shot to apply “tactical first aid” in the form of violence to the situation within seconds of when it starts.

When that happens…like the mom with the gun in her purse…the murderer never gets a chance to get on a roll.

And, just like fire extinguishers help civilian first responders slow or put out small fires until the Fire department arrives…

CPR, First Aid, stop the bleed training, and AEDs help civilian first responders stabilize people with critical medical or trauma events until EMS arrives…

Legally armed civilian first responders are the quickest and sometimes best and only option that is fast enough to make a difference between life and death in a situation where an evil person is willing to use violence to take what they want.

Disarming legally armed citizens makes about as much sense as removing all AEDs and fire extinguishers from private ownership, schools, churches, businesses, etc.  It’s incredibly ignorant, short sighted, and harmful.

Now, the silly strawman argument that I keep seeing is that it’s ridiculous to train a 2nd grade teacher or a church secretary to carry a firearm and know how to use it.

The way arguments like that come about is that people who know nothing about firearms or firearms training come up with a hair-brained idea, then they credit it to the “gun industry” and say how stupid it is.

My goal isn’t to force people who don’t want to be armed to be armed.  I would love for people who view a firearm with the same disgust and fear as a dead mouse to be more comfortable with them, but I’m not going to try to turn them into someone they’re not.  I don’t want to try to turn Mary Poppins into Rambo.

My goal has been to take people who are already wired to stand up to evil and help them be the best version of themselves possible.  To increase their survivability.  To increase their combat effectiveness when combat is thrust on them.

You see, some people will stand up to evil when they see it, no matter how ill-equipped they are.  We’ve seen teachers/coaches hold up a hand and yell in a command voice at an active murderer with no effect.  We’ve seen a coach rush an active murderer with no effect.  They didn’t lack the willingness to lay their lives on the line to protect their kids.  They just lacked the tools/training needed to do what they were wired to do effectively because our politicians and administrators hamstrung them.

Now, I can’t change laws and regulations overnight, but I can help people who have the will and the grit to stand up to evil to prepare themselves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you don’t have Dry Fire Training Cards and haven’t gone through 21 Day Alpha Shooter yet, you should click >HERE< now and do so.

If you’ve done that, and you haven’t gone through Draw Stroke Mastery, get ‘er done by getting started today by going >HERE<

And, if you’ve done both of those, then it’s time for dynamic gunfight training…taking flat-footed, square-range paper-punching skills that most ranges/courses restrict you to real world skills that can actually save lives like you’ll learn in >THIS TRAINING<

Whatever you do…take action today, so that if you’re the person who’s able to respond in seconds, you have the training to stop evil and save lives.

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  • James EM32 / RFD530

    Reply Reply October 30, 2022

    I’m an armed First Responder RFD, DEM SAR, MED trained,CCL, and stay prepared to respond to any critical situation 24/7. You will never know what’s going to happen once your on scene, preparedness is key for your life and others. Train for real situations, be thinking what should I do if this or that happens on an emergency scene, grocery store, mall, out on a picnic, hiking, just out for an evening walk ect. You can’t predict when a bad actor will appear, but you can cut his evil actions off in his tracks. Train hard.
    Be Safe.

  • Stukahna Sandbahr

    Reply Reply June 11, 2022

    Any teachers out there insulted because clueless politicians think you’re to feeble to handle a gun?

  • Mike Godfrey

    Reply Reply June 11, 2022

    “When someone offers you violence, give it back in spades.”
    Col. Jeff Cooper

    • Stukahna Sandbahr

      Reply Reply June 11, 2022

      Any teachers out there insulted because clueless politicians think you’re to feeble to handle a gun?

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