Sub-second hits from concealment with a subcompact

In my demo videos where I’m switching back and forth between unconcealed and concealed, I use an outside waistband holster.

Like this:

(This is a streamlined version of the video from earlier this week…2 minutes instead of 10…and Bjorn’s in it while I’m shooting.)


Why did I wear an outside waistband holster?

Because when I tuck my shirt inside my inside-waistband holster, I tend to catch on it when I’m drawing.

But people saw the video and thought that it wouldn’t be possible to shoot a sub-second drawstroke with a concealed inside waistband holster on the hip under a polo shirt.

So, I shot this little demo 🙂

You see, there’s all sorts of ways to “game” the drawstroke.

You can change your holster position, the type of holster, type of concealment, or other factors.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but personally, I want to develop technique in a way that it will work in a real world, worst case scenario.  With or without cover.  Inside or outside waistband holster.  Perfect stance or off-balance and on the move.  Engaging a threat straight in front of me, off to the side, or behind me.

And that means doing things a little…um…differently than how traditional training is done.  A little more purposeful.

That’s exactly what you’re going to learn in our upcoming Drawstroke Mastery training.

How to quickly and easily make your drawstroke more efficient, consistent, precise, and resilient.

You can get a sneak peak and early access as a member of Upgraded Shooter when you click >HERE<…or you can wait awhile longer for the course to be released.  (personally, I don’t like waiting 🙂

Next item on the agenda:  Gun training with dogs.

If you’ve hunted or operated with dogs, it’s no big deal.  But a lot of people are either fascinated or horrified when they see or hear about me training with my dog.

I do the majority of my dry fire/airsoft/pellet gun/UTM/suppressed training with Bjorn so that she gets desensitized and so that I get used to maneuvering around her. I don’t do unsuppressed training with her, but she has hunted with me and has been 50-100 yards from me doing live fire since she was a pup.

The guy who gave Bjorn to me started playing urban war sounds on his stereo whenever he left the house the day after Bjorn’s litter was born.  Within a couple of months, fireworks and gunfire didn’t faze her.

I strongly believe that there’s a lot of value training to shoot in the context that you may need to shoot.  For me, that probably means that Bjorn will be near me.  So I train with dry fire, lasers, airsoft, CO2, and UTM rounds with her close by.

It’s paid off.

When I’ve had her with me and shot coyotes, I knew she wouldn’t freak out and she responded to voice commands instead of giving in to her prey drive.  There have been other, similar situations where it’s been very valuable for her to be comfortable around me when I’m holding a gun.

Draw Stroke Mastery is, by far, the most powerful training available to put fast, accurate first hits on target with minimal practice time using cutting edge training techniques.

Learn more now by clicking >HERE<

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