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I’ve got a big announcement for current Deadly Accuracy students!
We’ve been talking with Matt & Sherrie and trying to figure out a great deal for past buyers of Deadly Accuracy for their other 2 home study courses, Speed Shooting and Eye Dominance.  You’re going to love this…
First off, we’ve got “Speed Shooting.”  This will show you how to put 5 rounds on target in less than 2 seconds with the same one-hole-group accuracy that you developed with Deadly Accuracy.  Here’s an example…

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This is 5 shots in 1 hole in about 1.5 seconds.  This is CLOSE, unsighted fire, but when you can pile round on top of round, regardless of the distance, it’s an indication that your fundamentals are solid and you can start pouring on the speed, stress, and movement.  This course will teach you how to get your mind, technique, and vision dialed in so that you can pile round after round onto the same spot without even using your sights!  You’ve seen me put 5 rounds into a 6″ target in .8 seconds with a Glock 26 at 21 feet, and Insight training, including Deadly Accuracy and Speed Shooting, is a big reason why.
Once you’ve mastered the unsighted shot with the Insight Speed Shooting system, you’ll find that your sights are AUTOMATICALLY and instantly lined up every time you bring your pistol up to make a shot AND that your sights drop back into perfect alignment after each shot and that you’ll be able to shoot aimed shots way faster than you can now.
What’s more, you can even put fast, precise rounds on target with your pistol in a high ready position!  This video is from the first day of the live Speed Shooting Class.  I’ve got my Glock 26 held about 6-8″ from my chest and I’m shooting without using my sights:
<center><iframe src=”http://dryfiretrainingcards.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/IWYvj86ussg?rel=0″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></center>
To be clear, this isn’t how you want to shoot.  This is the first step of the sighted shot, but let me tell you, when you KNOW that your muzzle is on target throughout your drawstroke and that you could release an accurate shot at any point, it gives you a patience and confidence that’s hard to describe.  There is never a reason to rush a shot ever again once you’ve got the mental component of shooting down.
One really cool thing about the Speed Shooting program is that if you’ve got a SIRT, LaserLyte, or other laser training platform or laser insert for your pistol, you can practice this at home!
Once you start using the Speed Shooting program, you’ll start feeling the muzzle of your gun be literally pulled to the target from the time it leaves the holster until your sights are in alignment.  It’s a feeling like there’s a powerful super-magnet behind the target, pulling the muzzle and the bullet in your chamber straight to the bullseye.  Another way to imagine it is that you have a bungie cord, under tension, going from the bullet that’s chambered in your gun to the exact spot that you want to hit.  Sound a little different than anything you’ve ever heard before?  That’s because it is.
In case you’re wondering, Speed Shooting is 100% compatible with Dry Fire Training Cards, Concealed Carry Masters Course, and 30-10 Pistol.  If you look at shooting as a 3 legged stool with the 3 legs being vision, mental, and mechanical/physiological, the other 3 products focus mainly on fine tuning the mechanical aspects of shooting and developing neural pathways.  Speed Shooting focuses mostly on the mental aspects of shooting, which many agree is where you can get the most leverage.


  • Point Shooting & Speed Shooting Program Instructions
  • A Step By Step How-To Video Course
  • A Powerful Point & Speed Shooting Visualization MP3
  • Insight‘s 12 Ways to Shoot Faster
  • Speed Shooting Practical Exercises

This training is normally $1,400.  The home study version is $497.  But I’ve got an incredible price for you in just a second…

I mentioned the 3 legged stool of shooting being mental, visual, and mechanical/physiological…

Dry Fire Training Cards, Concealed Carry Masters Course, and 30-10 Pistol primarily address the mechanical/physiological components, Deadly Accuracy and Speed Shooting primarily address the mental components, and Insight’s “Insight to Eye Dominance” is one of 2 resources that I recommend for vision training for life in general and shooting in particular.

Most of shooting is mental and 80% of your sensory input comes from your eyes, so the importance of understanding the visual component of shooting is incredibly powerful.

I’ll give you an example.  I heard some of this training earlier this year and thought I fully understood it.  At the IDPA BUG nationals last month, I shot 40 strings of fire over 10.5 hours.  3 of my shots on 1 of those 40 strings of fire took me from 2nd place to 5th place.  It was a low-light stage–like most real life defensive encounters–and with 1 tip from Matt & Sherrie’s Eye Dominance course that I watched since then, I know exactly why I missed the target and how to never make the same mistake again.  This knowledge is critical if I (or you) ever get into a low light self-defense situation.



ONLY $97 (Reg 297)

** Delivered In Time For Christmas
Free Shipping!

You’ll Discover the Facts About Eye Dominance that the NRA, Military, and Law Enforcement Never Knew To Ask

Most people think you are “Right Eye Dominant” or “Left Eye Dominant”…NEITHER is true for most of the population.  There are degrees of eye dominance and eye dominance can switch from one eye to the other in a blink of an eye…(No pun intended…)

Problems with eye dominance plagues 90% of shooters without them even knowing about it.  It can kill your accuracy !

In fact, Matt and Sherrie have identified more than 170 factors that can cause your eye dominance to change between when you start and end your drawstroke and even while you’re holding your sights on target.  Fortunately, there’s a couple of easy techniques that address all of those 170 factors.

Weather you are a shooter or a professional firearms instructor, you need to know about the different types of eye dominance and how it directly affects your ability to shoot accurately.  Many shooting errors that are attributed to mechanical errors (like flinching, mashing the trigger, etc.) are really eye dominance issues and, until you identify and address those eye dominance issues, you’ll never be able to shoot as well as you’d like.

This video is the BEST video ever produced on a shooters eye dominance.  You will know more about eye dominance than 99% of the shooting population after you review this critical information…GUARANTEED !

So, here’s the deal…there’s no fancy sales letter for this package.  This is a special package and special pricing for people who have already bought Deadly Accuracy.  You know the quality of the training and don’t need to be “sold” so I’m just going to tell you the deal.
The combo package includes the Speed Shooting course, which costs $1,400 for the live training and $497 for the home study version and the “Insight To Eye Dominance” course, which normally sells for $297, but they ran a $97 special on for Christmas.  Through this offer for my people, you can get both for only $197!


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