Parrying In A Gunfight? (like a sword)

I’ve got a crazy video for you today of a super-close-range gunfight that erupted as a couple was getting tacos last Thursday.

The good guy is behind the 8-ball…gun pointed at him while his pistol is still holstered.

As it plays out, they’re SO close that their muzzles actually cross!

**!!Warning!!**  Real Gunfight & blood.

As a friend of mine on FB, Frank Brickey said, “Look like any recent training? No? That sux!”

This is an important kind of shooting that we need to train…close and on-the-move.  3D chess with a gun with loved ones and innocents in almost every direction.

Like a gunfight in a phonebooth.

But you’re not going to be able to train for this at most ranges.

So, the first phase of training for shooting like this is visualization.  Put yourself into the good guy’s shoes and ask yourself what you’d do the same and what you’d do different.

What if you were in the woman’s position?  What would you do?

The clerk?  Another bystander?

Would it matter if you lived somewhere where the cultural norm was to mug people without shooting them vs. living somewhere where the norm WAS to shoot during robberies?

What would the bad guy have to say to change your behavior?  Would it be different if he said he was going to kill you (not mug you) vs. pleading for money for his wife and baby?

The good guy is hit and doesn’t appear to realize it.  This is common.  Do you ever purposely check yourself for wetness after a course of fire?

What did he do right?

What could he have done better?

Just visualizing isn’t enough.  You actually need to physically go through the skills, because the visual, balance, and hand-eye coordination required to succeed may be different than anything you do in your daily life.

So, what have you done in the last week to train for situations like this?  Do you have a plan for what to do this week to be more prepared?

What if there was a step-by-step at-home course designed specifically to get you ready for situations like this, like 40 yard shots on active shooters, and everything in-between.

What if it was set up with quick (5-15 minute) follow-along videos (like a workout video) that you could do at home with dry fire, starting today?

There is.  And it costs way less than courses that cover 1/3 as much.

I’ve got a video presentation that will tell you all about it >HERE< and I encourage you to check it out now.


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  • D.W. Drang

    Reply Reply August 20, 2022

    Where did this happen? I was just writing up my review of MAG-80 and Mas could have used this as an intro to the retention portion!

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