Dot Torture Drill (Airsoft Challenge)

If you’ve got an airsoft gun, I’ve got a fun challenge for you to try today…

It’s called the Dot Torture Drill and it’s been a shooting standard used for the last 21 years to test basic skills like 1-handed & 2-handed shooting, draw stroke & presentation, reloads, and transitions without time limits.

With ammo, gas, and range prices being what they are, I wanted to figure out if it was possible/practical to do the drill with airsoft at home.  It would slash the cost and make it way easier.

One of the challenges was that Dot Torture is traditionally shot at 9-10 feet and airsoft pistols with iron sights typically shoot low at 9-10 feet until the backspin/hop-up kicks in.  I’ve tried buying after-market adjustable rear sights, grinding the front sight, adjusting hop-up, and other solutions to fix this, but none have worked.  (Red dots on a cut slide have enough adjustment to work great.)  It definitely works to aim high, but that means that the process doesn’t carry over to real world shooting.

I solved the problem with a solution that’s similar to a close-range sighting-in target for ARs…you aim at the top circle and score the bottom one.

Here’s a quick video of me shooting the drill on the “special” target.

I’m shooting a Chaos Training Solutions airsoft.  They basically take a Glock licensed airsoft, made by Umarex, and replace the slide with a CNC’d aluminum slide and a custom-tuned Chaos barrel and the fragile plastic stock innards are replaced with durable metal ones so that it will last for years.

Here’s what the target looks like:

and you can click here to download the printable PDF targets for free.  Shoot the drill and upload your results today!

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  • Jay

    Reply Reply August 12, 2022

    Great, perfect for my T4E.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply August 12, 2022

      Yes! T4E has the same issue as Airsoft at distance…since it’s a round-ball, it’s not tack-driver precise, but should be good to go for Dot Torture at 6-10 feet.

  • Keith Kuhnsman

    Reply Reply August 11, 2022

    Thanks! This looks very useful.

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