Counter-Ambush (mugging) Response For Non-Tactical Loved Ones

I’ve got a great quick video for you today on identifying and responding to ambush attacks.

Attackers of all sorts…good or bad…animal or human…use the L-Shaped ambush to quickly and efficiently take out their intended target.  Ambushes are used in military battles around the globe, they’re used to attack law enforcement, and they’re used on a daily basis from coast to coast by criminals on unsuspecting people like you and me.

This may not be a surprise for you, but your loved ones who aren’t wired as tactically as you may not see things that are obvious to you…like this:


I want you to take an extra second to think about the value of situational awareness training…and the impact it can have on non switched-on loved ones…especially younger ones who are away at college or on their own across town or even hours away.

There are a hundred defensive tools and techniques that your loved ones can use once someone attacks them, but situational awareness is the one skill that can help them avoid attacks all together.  If you’ve got anyone in your life who’s not as switched on as you are, they NEED situational awareness skills.

The Real World Safety training is quick, easy to understand, and engaging…like the video you just watched.

It has been used by several school districts for middle schoolers and high schoolers as well as for college students.  Even though the creators have special operations and defense intelligence backgrounds, the training is designed specifically to teach life saving situational awareness skills proven overseas to people who don’t necessarily care about tactics.

The systematic approach will give your loved ones the threat identification and avoidance skills they need to stay safe from muggers, out-of-control druggies, or worse when you’re not there to protect them.

They may leave their pepper spray or other tools at home, but they’ll have the situational awareness skills they developed from this training protecting them for the rest of their life.

And, this weekend only, you can save 42% on this training by clicking >HERE< now.

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  • Dr Mike

    Reply Reply August 31, 2019

    These are all very nice thoughts however while traveling TSA and or customs will will be more than happy to relieve you of any flashlight with a crenelated bezel and depending on their mood detain you….. so don’t for one minute be naive enough to think that you will get away with this even if packed in your luggage .
    I love hearing all these experts talk when the reality of the situation is much different and advice inaccurate or can get you in trouble .Same goes for a defensive pen. Try and get that by TSA in your carry on. They are not stupid or naive

    • Ox

      Reply Reply September 3, 2019

      Hey Dr. Mike,

      Let’s unpack this a little bit…I think you may be relieved to hear the rest of the story.

      First off, for most of the locations I travel to, I have knives, a pistol, sometimes a Taser, sometimes OC, and sometimes other defensive tools packed in my checked luggage. Flashlights, no matter how aggressive, are fine in checked luggage.

      I have no idea how man flights I’ve flown where I carried on a defensive light and tactical pen…I know that the first year after our oldest son was born, my wife and him came with me on 30 flights and he’s 12 now. It’s safe to say it’s several hundred flights and interactions with TSA and that I am an expert.
      I’ve never tried to “get away” with carrying a defensive light or tactical pen. I stick them in the bowl with my wallet and phone and run them through the X-Ray in plain sight.

      If you try to use a defensive light with a super-aggressive bezel, you’re much more likely to have issues. I’ve carried different versions of the Surefire Backup for over a decade on every single flight I’ve flown…regardless of the country, and haven’t had a problem.

      I also frequently carry the Fury or Fury II with the map-reading bezel in my carry-on…but I don’t carry-on flashlights with aggressively scalloped bezels. That’s just asking for trouble.

      Same goes for defensive pens. For years, my defensive pen for flights was a Porsche aluminum pen: It’s not as robust as our but it was aluminum, had a nice flat back end, and was effective during testing. My go-to now alternates between our Stealth Tactical Pen and a couple of new designs that I’m working on. In short, never Never NEVER use a “tactical pen” with a scalloped or pointed cap. They’re a joke–a horrible, evil, painful joke perpetrated by “self-defense” companies on people who they know will never practice with their pen. They’ll tear the hell out of your thumb. In addition, they scream “tactical”…which makes them completely ineffective for carrying in many areas.

      If your defensive pen has “tactical” or intimidating writing or features on it, it has limited use. Your tactical pen should not look tactical. If it has a DNA collector, a punisher skull or wolf on it, or other nonsense, leave it at home.

      I hope that helps.

  • Larry

    Reply Reply September 2, 2016

    Very good point, what do you do?

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