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Visual, Vestibular Drills For Shooting Esophoria

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed watching the NCAA championship last night.  I’m not much of a basketball fan, but I am a big fan of watching people perform at a high level under stress. Just to add a little fun to the night, I decided to wear a UNC fleece, even though…

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Mental/Vision Hack To Put More Rounds On Target

  Take a look at the picture below. It’s a dot, surrounded by a “cloud of doubt.” Now, take a deep breath or two, and focus deeply on the dot until the cloud disappears. Crazy, isn’t it? If you have trouble at first, try moving closer (elbow’s length from your screen) or further (hand’s length). …

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Beyond 20/20 Vision At Any Age

Roughly 80% of the sensory input that the brain gets comes from the eyes. Vision is key to keep your balance when standing, and it’s the primary sense that you use to detect threats, identify threats, avoid attacks, target strikes (with a firearm or empty handed), and more. When most people think about vision, they…

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