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Have you started “Pre-Aiming” yet?

I have a ridiculously simple training tip that will help you make faster, more precise first shots from the holster without having to spend thousands on ammo and range fees. You see, when you combine more efficient technique with more effective training methods, it doesn’t take as much time or money to achieve or maintain…

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Sub-second hits from concealment with a subcompact

In my demo videos where I’m switching back and forth between unconcealed and concealed, I use an outside waistband holster. Like this: (This is a streamlined version of the video from earlier this week…2 minutes instead of 10…and Bjorn’s in it while I’m shooting.)   Why did I wear an outside waistband holster? Because when…

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Draw Stroke Mastery & 1 Second Draw Strokes On The Move From Concealment

Recording and editing on the new Draw Stroke Mastery course is coming along quickly.  We’ve got a couple hours of the course already posted in Upgraded Shooter. This training comes from doing remote and in-person private video coaching with hundreds of shooters and developing a 140 point checklist for the drawstroke. I took those 140…

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Focusing on How Attackers Are Similar vs. Different

The Power of a Different Focus (Plus: a drawing for some exciting free prizes) Yesterday, I shared some great empty-hands combatives training with you from 5SS.  Today, I’ve got an article for you that covers some of what makes their training so different. It has to do with what you focus on in an attack.…

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Pool Noodle Plate Rack for Airsoft & Pellet Pistols

A couple years ago, I went to Wal-Mart to buy some of my favorite targets (I’ll tell you about them sometime soon) but they were out. I had my Malinois with me, and we used the garden exit so she wouldn’t have to walk on hot pavement any more than necessary. Pool noodles were on sale…cheap…and I…

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Fun & Challenging Shoot-Don’t-Shoot Dry Fire Drill

I’ve got a sample dry fire drill from Upgraded Shooter that I want to share with you today that combines a few valuable skills into a single drill…  It’s a shoot-don’t-shoot drill that is truly random that you can do at home, on your own, with friends, or at a live fire range (if they’ll let…

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Switching Sides (Drawing With Your Support Hand)

I was talking with Mark Miller…editor over at the Loadout Room…a few weeks ago and he challenged me to get a left handed holster and learn to do everything left handed. So, I picked up a BladeTech Total Eclipse holster and went through 21 Day Alpha Shooter left handed.  The Total Eclipse is adjustable so…

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How To Keep Your Gun From Being Taken & Used On You (3 tips)

I saw a story from over the weekend that made me shake my head on several levels… A lady was at an I.C.E. protest in San Francisco when a thief tried to take her hat and sunglasses. She grabbed pepper spray, but the thief grabbed the pepper spray out of her hands and used it on…

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I almost lost my gun rights…here’s how to protect yours.

I’ve got 2 quick stories to share with you today.  One where a friend of mine almost lost his gun rights and one where I almost lost my gun rights…even though both of us were innocent. I’ll start with my friend.  I can’t give you all of the details, but here’s what happened. He had…

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Protected: Printable Target For Improved Trigger Control, Finding Your Perfect Grip, And Ideal Finger Position On The Trigger

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