Your 3 pronged attack plan for COVID-19 and FLU-A

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Right now, Influenza A is still significantly deadlier than COVID-19 and we’re not going to know the validity or effectiveness of our response until we have hindsight to guide us.

But we do know that this is more serious than people wanted to admit a few short weeks ago.

We know that over the last few years, our healthcare system has migrated to a just-in-time inventory system to maximize profits and is completely unprepared and unable to respond to anything out of the ordinary in a timely and effective manner.

We know that most states range between 2-4 hospital beds per 1,000 people and that oftentimes only 1/3 of them are available.  Less than that are available for advanced pulmonary support and isolation.  In one case, that meant 10 available beds that could handle advanced pulmonary support and isolation for a population of more than 200,000 people.

We know that many hospital systems, who have been run more and more by accountants, have been caught flat-footed, are in shock, and the decision makers have no idea how to respond because they’re so far removed from actual patient care.  Some are JUST now getting around to telling employees how to protect themselves and patients.  One group of hospitals handed out a single N95 mask to their employees to use for the next year and told them to get their own if that wasn’t enough.

I’m hearing reports from across the country that hospitals are short staffed due to streamlining and doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees are coming to work sick and interacting with patients.

(You’re On Your Own)

In short, just like we do everything we can to prepare for self-defense situations (because we know the police probably can’t help in a timely manner), we also need to take responsibility for our health because the hospital system may quickly get overwhelmed and not have the resources to help everyone who needs it.

It’s critical that we do everything we can to not give this virus a foothold that requires intervention.

So, let’s take a look at this from a “tactical” perspective…

Let’s assume that you’re minimizing nose picking, licking public toilets, and washing your hands often.

Let’s also assume that you WILL be exposed to the virus and it will land in your nose, eye, or mouth.

First, we want to prep the battlespace by making our bodies as hostile of an environment as possible for the virus to gain a foothold.  Focus on sleep, diet, exercise, and developing a discipline of calming yourself a few times a day.  It would be smart to take time to pray, give thanks, and ask for wisdom.  Excessive time in fight or flight mode makes you more susceptible to sickness…so does overtraining, so if you’re a gym rat, you may want to consider this to be the “event” that you’ve been preparing for and start tapering.  No exercise is bad, so make sure to do SOMETHING.  If possible, make it outside where you get sun exposure.

Second, we want to give our immune system the tools it needs to develop accurate threat profiles as quickly and accurately as possible.  That means cutting inflammatory foods and other junk out of our diet.  It may suck, but it’s time to cut back on sugar, grains, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and non-foods.  If our immune system is chronically revved up reacting to crap that we put in our mouths, the signal-to-noise ratio is going to be off.  Our immune system will react slower…after the virus has had more time to replicate.

(Throat cultures 3-5 days in are showing concentration of the virus 1,000X higher than the 2003 SARS…so early and accurate detection is no joke.)

Third, we want to give our bodies the resources and raw materials they need to respond with a quick and decisive response with as little cannibalization/auto-immune/hyper-immune response as possible.

That means that we’re doing things that set us up to have gas in the tank to fight off an infection early…when it’s small.  All 3 of these steps feed off of high quality food, high quality breathing, stress modulation, light exercise, and high quality sleep.

Right now, there’s a correlation between low melatonin levels and the lethality of COVID-19.  We don’t know if it’s a cause-effect relationship or just correlation, but it’s worth it to note that alcohol and late-in-the-day caffeine, evening sugar, sleeping in a room over 70 degrees, large meals before bed, blue nightlights, and screen time within an hour of bed ALL reduce the release of melatonin.  Even if melatonin levels aren’t specifically a cause, high quality sleep is about the highest leverage thing you can do.

Here’s the thing…if the whole COVID-19 thing blows over as a non-event, these same changes have been shown to help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and adult onset diabetes.

When you look at accidental deaths, these same changes have been shown to help with attention and reaction time while driving, as well as deaths from falling.

So, whether you believe COVID-19 is a thing or not, now is a great time…a great excuse…to start implementing these positive changes in your life.

And, that’s kind of what our approach has been for the last 10+ years…figure out ways to plan for the worst once-in-a-lifetime events that may or may not happen in a way that we can benefit from immediately and often.

In fact, it was the core idea behind our first 2 best-selling books, the Survive In Place Urban Survival Guide and The Fastest Way To Prepare—How to rationally and affordably prepare for the worst in a way that you could benefit from no matter what happened.

And, if the worst did happen, how to survive and thrive without painting a target on your back.

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