Why your self defense guns need slings and why it could save you from jail

Last summer, a St. Louis couple realized that a mob of 500 BLM protesters were in front of their house.

The protesters were on their way to the mayor’s house, and passing by the couple’s house, shouting in a way that frightened the couple to the point that they armed themselves…him with a now-famous pink shirt and an AR and her with a pistol.

In response to seeing the couple, standing armed on their front porch, the mob threatened to burn down the couple’s house, kill their dog, kill them, and move into the house. At some point, they even tore down an iron gate.

Anyone who has seen the power of a mob knows that they were severely under-gunned and had good reason to be in fear for their lives, based on what the mob said they were going to do.

But, the local prosecutor decided to press charges anyhow…because the couple, standing on their front porch were brandishing their firearms at the mob saying they were going to kill them and their dog.

Simply put, if he would have had a sling for his AR and she would have had a holster for her pistol, they probably wouldn’t have had any trouble with the law.

Their weapons would have been a visible deterrent, but not a threat, and there would have been no case for the prosecutor.

As it is, the Governor of Missouri has said that he’ll pardon them if convicted…but they still had their firearms confiscated unnecessarily and have had their lives turned upside down.

Lesson: Get a sling for your carbines and a GOOD holster for your pistols if you intend to use them for home defense.

50 ANTIFA vs. 300 locals with guns

A few weeks ago, ANTIFA announced that they were going to come to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho from Spokane, Washington and burn it down. They put out the call for people to meet at the local WinCo and then march downtown to the Coeur d’Alene Resort.

Little did they know that about 300 friendly, but determined locals with guns would show up to welcome them 🙂

Protesters came to the meetup point…saw what was up…and the ones who came to cause problems left.

We were fortunate. It was a case where peace by superior firepower, walking softly and carrying a big stick, and the idea of an armed society being a polite society worked.

After a time, things moved a couple of miles downtown and the streets of the resort area were lined with people open carrying rifles and pistols while others drank and dined on the sidewalks in front of restaurants and bars.

Protesters still protested…One group protested for BLM, another for George Floyd, and a couple other causes marched up and down the street and nobody stopped them. The guns were only there to stop violent protesters.

I was very proud to live where I do…I saw friends in law enforcement in plain clothes, a pastor friend with his AR, an armed couple having their date night, and others doing what they could to keep the peace and let local law enforcement know that they have the communities support.


Similar to the couple in St. Louis, I saw good people doing things with guns that made the situation MUCH more dangerous than it should have been.

People shoving their pistol between their pants and shirt without any protection for the trigger.

People resting the muzzle of their AR on their shoe because they didn’t have a sling!

People with great hearts who showed up pointing their muzzles in directions that they REALLY shouldn’t have been pointed.

A ton of the problems could have been easily avoided with a holster that protects the trigger for every pistol and a sling (even improvised) for the carbines and long guns.

This is particularly important for any firearm that you own for home defense…particularly shoulder mounted weapons like carbines & shotguns.

To begin with, a sling is an incredibly useful tool for keeping a bad guy from taking your gun and using it on you or a loved one.

Slings provide additional stability for aiming…usually not a factor at in-home distances, but a sling can aid tremendously with snap-aiming when it’s set up correctly.

A sling can keep your gun close when you need both hands to do something…which seems to happen fairly often with bump-in-the-night scenarios.

It might be dialing the phone (can you do it with either hand?), rendering aid to a loved one, or catching yourself after tripping over a pet or other obstacle on the ground that you missed in the dark.

And, depending on where you live, if you respond to a bump-in-the-night with an unslung or unholstered gun, overeager, gun-hating, prosecutors can use it against you easier than if your gun was holstered or slung.

How important is it?

You could easily say that…

Having a gun for home defense
without a sling or holster
is like having a sports car without seatbelts…

you’ll probably be OK, but by the time you realize you need them, it’s too late to get them.

If you’ve got a shoulder mounted gun of any kind…AR, AK, shotgun, lever action, etc. for home defense and you don’t have a sling for it, you need to check out THIS training right now.

There’s a really good chance you’re missing a few other home defense tools that could keep you alive and reduce your legal exposure.

Even if you JUST learned how to use a sling to maximize your odds in a home invasion situation, it will be well worth your time…and it may keep you from having your guns confiscated unnecessarily.

Check it out now by going >HERE<

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  • RayJN

    Reply Reply July 22, 2020

    Why weren’t the “protesters” arrested for conspiracy to commit arson? Because this is the terror arm of the Democrat party?

    • jimmy corcoran

      Reply Reply September 11, 2020

      yup…peasceful protesters making horrifc threat of bodily harm, arson, and death, and in near proximity so as to be able to ipliment the threats instantly.

  • Ron Leifeste

    Reply Reply July 22, 2020

    We had a similar incident in Klamath Falls a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a rumor that ANTIFA was coming from Portland. They didn’t, but main street was lined with cops and armed civilians wearing blue ribbons to show their support for law enforcement. It’s a good thing they didn’t show up as that was a recipe for disaster. It did however reinforce the point that “don’t bring your evil intentions to our town”. Chalk up another one for the good guys.

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