What do “Average” Police Response Times Have To Do With Pool Noodles?

One of the big claims that gun grabbers make is that citizens don’t need firearms because, that’s what the police are for.

But let’s dig into that a little…

The big stat that people hang their hat on is “average” response times.

For priority 1 calls, where lives are on the line, average response times nationwide are 8-10 minutes.

Top performing cities report average response times of 5-6 minutes.

But even in those cities, times vary wildly depending on location and how busy police happen to be at the moment—if the closest officer is at a car accident holding a baby who’s mother is injured, it’s going to take longer than if they’re in their car driving already.

If it’s somewhere they’ve been 20 times already, it’s going to be quicker than if they’ve never been on the property or in the house before.

We can look at the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton to see this.

2016 average response times for Priority 1 calls in El Paso was 21 minutes—some quicker, some slower.  At the Wal Mart shooting, the time from the call being made to police-on-scene was 6 minutes.

2015 average response time for Priority 1 calls in Dayton was less than 5 minutes.  From the first shot to the last at the nightclub shooting, it was less than 40 seconds.

The averages didn’t really mean anything, did they?

You see, when it’s YOUR life on the line, all that matters is the reality that you’ve got in front of you.

And in those moments, time stretches out.

Heck…just try holding your breath for 40 seconds or a minute, or two.

Here’s something to try if you’ve got a pool noodle, a piece of paper, and a friend/relative you can trust.

Draw out the numbers 0-9 on the paper the same way they’re drawn out on your phone…then draw in a send & end button.  Fold the paper so it’s roughly the same size as your phone.

Now, put it 1-2 rooms away from you.

(Don’t do this if you’ve got COPD or pass out when you hold your breath)  Breathe out, hold your breath, and count to 10 or 20, then start moving towards your phone…holding your breath as long as possible.

Have your friend/relative lightly and repeatedly hit you with the pool noodle as you move to your fake paper phone.  They shouldn’t push you, grab you, or physically try to stop you…just repeatedly and lightly hit you with the pool noodle.

When you get to your fake paper phone, pick it up and pretend “dial” 911.  Wait a few seconds.  Decide what you would say to 911 in the middle of a life and death situation to get them to you as quickly as possible.

And then realize that the police response time starts then…not when you started getting hit.

You probably realized as you read this that imagining it vividly is almost as effective as doing it in real life.

And that if it were fists or a stick instead of a pool noodle, you may not even be able to get to your phone to call 911 and start the clock on the “average” response time.

In the real world, you’ve got to have the skills to create the time and distance necessary so that you can call 911.

If you have your gun on you when things cook off, you need to be able to quickly, smoothly, and automatically clear cover, draw, and put effective rounds on target.

This doesn’t happen by accident…and it doesn’t happen by plinking once or twice a month.

It takes smart, consistent practice.

And, if you do it correctly, like we show you how to do in 21 Day Alpha Shooter, you can get great skills at home in only a few minutes a day, a few days a week.

But, what if you aren’t wearing your gun when something happens…or if you can’t stop blocking with both arms long enough to go for your gun?

That’s why you absolutely must have simple, reliable, proven empty hands skills that are ridiculously quick & easy to learn so you can Fight To Your Gun.

Not silly, outdated techniques like punching the face that can make it incredibly difficult to use your firearm, phone, or keys, but real-world skills that work for elite tactical teams and out-of-shape boomers alike.

Things are crazy out there…and everything’s pointing to them getting even crazier…so, whatever you do, take just a few minutes a couple of times this week and do some training.  The life you save could be your own.

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