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  • Paul

    Reply Reply August 26, 2018

    have your dry fire cards from a few years ago tnxs paul

  • Ralph S

    Reply Reply November 20, 2017

    I just purchased a laser dry-fire tool that is fabulous – I am NOT getting paid! I have no skin in the game – just a happy 71 year old that is honing my fading skills and getting sharp again

    • Ox

      Reply Reply November 20, 2017

      Thanks, Ralph!

    • Pasquale ventriglia

      Reply Reply May 22, 2018

      Peace through superior firepower

  • Tom B.

    Reply Reply February 1, 2017

    Lead me to a section that addresses senior citizen needs. I am 72 and all my senses have depreciated and my neurological system has clearly become muddled. Reflex slower, cognitive response has become slower. Senior citizens probably face a greater need to learn a certain set of skills that will be functional for them in a critical situation. We may even have a greater sense of fear for our safety because we cannot run as fast as in the past, cannot move as agile as before. As time passes we tend to loose more and more physical and sensorial abilities and cannot perform many of the training and practice activities suggested. We need s training and practice activity that fits our abilities.

    • RICK

      Reply Reply June 16, 2018

      Here here!

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