Using a Sig MPX Pellet Gun for AR-15 Dry Fire Practice

If you haven’t checked out the The Sig MPX CO2 pellet rifle and it’s longer cousin, the MCX, you should….in fact, keep reading after you watch the video to see how you could get one for free!


If you’d like the idea of getting one for free, you need to pay attention quick…

I told you that our DVD company ended up making (and charging us for) WAY too many copies of Home Defense Rifle and that I’m cutting the price by 68% to pay for the overage and get our inventory to a more reasonable level.

As an extra incentive, anyone who signs up for Home Defense Rifle between now and 11:59PM PST on Sunday night will be automatically entered into a giveaway for a Sig MPX!  (Yes, people who signed up since Friday are also automatically entered)

You can go straight to the checkout right now by clicking >HERE<

Or, if you want to see a description of the course, go >HERE< and enter the coupon code “TAXMAN” at checkout…but you must act before 11:59PM on Sunday night.


Here’s how the MPX pellet gun giveaway is going to work…since I don’t know the legalities of pellet gun ownership where you live, if your name is drawn, you’ll get a gift certificate from Amazon equal to the price of an MPX that you can use to buy an MPX or however you want.

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