Try this “Blackout Wobble” drill

Here’s a fun and powerful drill that you’re going to want to try tonight.

It’s based on our core philosophy that the easiest way to shoot better is to break the process down into bite-size steps, refine each of those steps, and then build the technique back up so it’s quicker and more accurate with less effort.

Vision is a very taxing part of the shooting process.

The brain spends a LOT of energy sucking in and interpreting visual input.

But what if we could practice in a way that eliminated all visual input but our sights?

It would free up mental bandwidth so we can focus more on technique.

And that means quicker gains with less effort.

So, let’s do it…

First, make sure to use an inert training platform or a firearm that you’ve rendered temporarily inert with Dry Fire Cord.

Remove all people, pets, and distractions so you can focus on safety and make sure you have a safe backstop.

Remove all live ammo from your gun, training magazine, and training area.

I call the drill the…

 “Blackout Wobble” Drill

It’s very powerful for as quick and easy as it is.

For this drill, you’re either going to want night sights or a laser sight.

You may want to use a glow-in-the-dark sticker or LED tea candle as a target, but you don’t even need that.  You can do it in a fully blacked out room with no visible target.

Now, with the lights off and your unloaded pistol holstered, draw and press out straight in front of your dominant eye at about 50% speed until you get to full extension.

There’s no need to do a dry fire trigger press.

What you should see is a completely black room and your sights (or laser) automatically lining up on your intended target.

It’s natural to have some extra wobble at first when you start doing this drill.  That wobble = additional time and additional misses when you’re trying to run the gun at full speed under stress and this is one of a series of drills that will quickly help fix that wobble/delay.

If your sights aren’t coming into alignment automatically, slow down and reduce the range of motion from a full draw stroke to just pushing up and out from high compressed ready.

*Important*  To get ready for your next rep, don’t go straight to the holster…do a “reverse draw stroke,” retracing your presentation back to the holster in reverse.

If you’re using a laser, pay attention to minimizing vertical overtravel and horizontal wobble as you’re going from high compressed ready out to full extension.

If you don’t have night sights or a laser, you can still do the drill with something that glows in the dark, an LED tea light or LED candle.  Simply present your pistol at the center of the target and use the shadow of your sights as your guide.

Your goal is to have your front and rear sights at equal height with equal light showing on each side of your front sight.  (note the Dry Fire Cord sticking out of the ejection port)  Equal-height-equal-light is a relatively slow and complex method of aiming in a high-speed/high-stress situation, but it’s a great diagnostic tool when you’re practicing and refining your technique at 50% speed.

Do this drill a few reps at a time, a few times a week and before you know it, your sights will be coming up into automatic alignment between your dominant eye and the target and your first shots will be quicker and more accurate than ever.

As you can see, this is quite a bit different than the plain, old dry fire drills that you may have seen or used in the past.

It’s not only more effective, but it’s a lot more fun.

And a fun variety of effective drills means you’re more likely to practice.

And it means you’ll improve faster.

In sciency speak, fun, novel drills can help you create almost 2 million additional neural connections per second over drills you’ve already done a hundred times.

Better performance in less time and for less money.

It’s a great combination.

Here’s the thing.

Fun, effective drills are good.

But a training system that helps you squeeze the most possible performance from your limited training time and budget is awesome.

And that’s why I want to encourage you to sign up for one of our full-blown at-home training systems that combine fun, novel, and effective drills with a structured training system that guarantees results.

For shooters of all levels, from beginner to expert, 21 Day Alpha Shooter will guide you through a 21 day at-home dry fire program that is continually getting dramatic results for our users.  It comes with a free set of Dry Fire Training Cards when you sign up >HERE<

Draw Stroke Mastery is geared towards the intermediate to expert shooter and instructors looking to dramatically improve their effectiveness with students.  It will slash the time it takes you to go from reacting to putting hits on target, with many shooters dropping a quarter to half a second in only a few 5-10 minute practice sessions.  It includes free multi-caliber set of Dry Fire Cord, a Laser Bullet, and more when you sign up >HERE<

Either way…try out the “Blackout Wobble” drill and let me know how it went.


(Need more dry fire safety guidelines?  Go here:


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  • Ted Meskunas

    Reply Reply December 10, 2019

    I tried the blackout wobble drill with an LED tea candle (no laser sight). Considering the challenge, I was pleased that I could slowly achieve equal height – equal light. It’s a simple, yet effective, tool.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 8, 2019


    I’m just starting a few of your courses and while I shoot right handed, I am left eye dominant. I thought I’ve seen in a video that the gun MUST be lined up to the center of the eye to be accurate and I don’t see how I can properly align with my left eye, with gun in dominant right hand, and have my upper platform properly situated. Should I be working to change to my right eye being behind the sights? At this point I have never shot with both eyes open so I have to close one at least for now.


    • Ox

      Reply Reply November 8, 2019

      It must be lined up with the center of the eye, but the easiest way to accomplish that with cross eye dominance is to move your pistol to your midline and turn your head so your eye is lined up with your midline.

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