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Just a quick note on a few things today…

First, if you wondered what the training packages look like that I’m sending out to teachers, here’s one that I’m sending out this morning…

They’re getting 21 Day Alpha Shooter DVDs, Dry Fire Training Cards, Dry Fire Cord kits, and Diagnostic Splatter Targets…just over $1,000 worth of training materials in this box is going to school employees to help them be more effective at protecting themselves and their students as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

There’s been a lot of debate about “arming teachers.” That’s not really what we’re doing.

There are 30 states where teachers retain some or all of their 2nd Amendment rights when they go to work. It’s a patchwork of laws that varies wildly from states that simply don’t prohibit teachers to carry lawfully to districts where there are formal armed teacher programs.

In addition to teachers, most conversations miss the point that there are also administrators, maintenance personnel, and aides in a typical school.

Most of them don’t carry a pistol as a matter of habit and nobody’s suggesting that we force teachers who don’t want to carry to start carrying.

But teachers already do carry. And for those who already carry, I am providing training to make them more effective at what they’re already doing.

It’s simply the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way that we can have an immediate positive impact.

It follows the proven US Special Forces foreign internal defense model of giving training and aid to the people who are already doing the job that we want done.

Will it help every school? No. But it will help teachers who are already carrying do so more effectively and I thank everyone who has supported this effort.

If you know of any other groups of 5 or more teachers or school employees who are already carrying who could put the training to use, please have them contact me.

Next, I’ve got a range report from Bob on the very training that we’re sending armed teachers:

People have a hard time believing just how dramatic their results will be with our training until they actually use it.

But if you’ve got doubts, here’s some more feedback from Facebook from other shooters using our at-home training:

So, what are you waiting for?

In short, if you own a pistol, you need this training. Regardless of whether you’re a Tier 1 Operator or a new shooter who’s just completed your first basic pistol class.

And when you start the training today, we’ll also send training materials to armed teachers to make them more effective at what they’re already doing–protecting our kids until the police arrive.  We call it “Buy One Give One”

Get started now with a special package that includes the 21 Day Alpha Shooter DVD, Dry Fire Training Cards, and more than $141 in other bonuses by clicking >HERE<

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