Top 5 AR-15 Laser Training Options Compared – Mantis Blackbeard, SIRT Stic, LaserAmmo Birdcage, LaserLyte

Good stuff for you today.  I’ve got 5 different options for you for doing AR-15 dry fire training with a laser and a resetting trigger.

These are all options that I’ve used quite a bit…it’s not some silly “Unboxing” video.

I know people from each company on the products I’m reviewing.  Some are good friends.  I even sell the SIRT Stics, but I still end up buying the majority of the laser training gear I use.

None of these platforms are perfect.  That being said, there is tremendous value going through Home Defense Rifle or Praxis with any of these 5 laser training tools.


Each of these options makes dry fire training with an AR infinitely safer and they will allow you to do 270-360 degree training.  All but the Blackbeard (because of it being in a real AR) can be left out, unsecured in most jurisdictions so that it’s much easier and quicker to do frequent training.

The big thing, as always, is that skill under stress is about more than just having great gear or cool training toys…it’s about having reality based skill that you can use under stress.

That’s why I want you to get Home Defense Rifle.  It’ll show you how to set up your home to avoid being targeted, how to plan so that you can minimize the chances of needing to shoot, and set up your gun and mind so that you’ll be able to stop threats with a minimal number of rounds fired.

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