Shooting with a perfect stance vs. gun fighting

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When you’re learning the basics, it’s common to stack the deck as far in your favor as possible by using a fighting stance and forward posture that will help you manage recoil, shooting flat footed, and when you do move, only moving forward or to the side.

And that’s great for the range, competition, and even for a lot of offensive tactical applications.

It’s how I start training with every shooter I work with and it’s a base level skill that I continue to improve.

But self-defense shooting goes beyond that.

The 2 most likely scenarios for civilians and non-uniformed officers are assaults and ambushes.

They normally happen because you didn’t see them coming and couldn’t avoid them.

Off-balance, backwards movement is normal.

Moving quickly to your gun, reaching for it, and then turning 180 degrees to engage a charging threat is normal.

Having your back against a wall, the floor, or a chair is normal.

So, how do you mesh the two worlds…especially if your body doesn’t work quite as well as it used to?

How do you do your training so that it works in the real world?

Like this…


Whenever I practice, I start out flat footed and then switch over to drills like this after a few reps.

But what if you’ve got aches, pains, or injuries?

A big part of training for the real world is knowing your performance envelope.

You may not be able to move exactly the way that I can, but that’s OK.

You’re going to want to figure out the speed and range of motion that works best for you and adapt your practice to match.

What that means is that some people may pick up their dry fire pistol off the floor.  Some may pick it up off a chair, and others may pick it up off of a table.

What’s great is, you can train like this on your own at home, without any special equipment, and get better results in the same or less time than you currently practice.

It’s all about smarter practice…and I’m going to tell you all about it later today, so keep your eyes open for my email.

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