See Your Front Sight Faster & More Clearly

One of the most common problems that shooters have is how long it takes them to see their front sight clearly.

The process is pretty amazing.

The shape of the eye changes so that a clear image of the front sight forms on the back of each eye.

A chemical reaction turns that image into an electrical signal that is split in the optic chiasm and sent to the visual cortex to be put back together.

Then the brain has to decide whether to use the image from the right eye, left eye, or to combine the two to make a hybrid image.

If this whole process doesn’t happen fast enough while we’re shooting, the tendency is to get impatient and just rush the shot.

We try all sorts of things to fix the problem.  Different glasses, different sights, “point shooting”, etc.  But none of them really work all that well.

But what if instead of focusing on gear and technique, we took a brain based approach to the problem.

What if it was possible to teach the eye to move and focus faster?  (This is valuable for shooters of all ages, regardless of how well they see)

What if it was possible to teach the eye to be able to see the front sight clearer?

What if it was possible to train the brain to interpret your sight picture faster and more accurately?

It is.

Dr. Cobb just so happens to be one of the top performance neurology experts in the world…and as a result, he consults for pro athletes and special operations teams around the globe on improving vision speed and accuracy.  He also happens to be one of my most trusted mentors.

And here’s a video from Dr. Cobb showing how you can train your eyes to see your front sight faster and more clearly.

Right Click >HERE< for the Multi Size Font Chart Shown In The Video

We include pocket size and gun-bag size versions of this chart with our Tactical Vision Training Course.  And this video is one of the bonus videos we suggest in the course.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to work with Dr. Cobb, Matt, Rick, and others in the Z-Health organization for the last 4 years and what I’ve found is that when shooters work on training their brains, they get bigger increases in performance in less time with less cost than when they just focus on technique.

That’s why the drills in our Tactical Vision Training course take a brain based approach (as opposed to focusing on gear or huge chunks of training time) to help you see faster, calibrate your natural point of aim, move and shoot better, and more.  Just like the video above, the concepts may be advanced, but they’re presented in a way that anyone can understand and quickly use.

I encourage you to click >HERE< to learn more about the course right now.  It’s great training on it’s own, and if you’ve got any live training classes scheduled in the near future, this is the missing link that will help you get the most bang for your training dollar.

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