Revealing video on vision training….

You really need to check this out.

Visual confusion when shooting with both eyes open is one of the more common issues that I run into with shooters.

It’s complicated by the fact that most shooters have a misunderstanding about vision, eye dominance, and how the eyes work together for shooting…particularly shooting a pistol in a stressful self-defense situation.

I want you to watch this TEDx talk by Sue Barry.  She is not a shooter, but her talk applies directly to shooters.

Sue did what “experts” said was impossible.  She went from having eye misalignment issues and seeing double to having her eyes line up correctly for the first time in her 40s.

When she talks about not wanting to stop doing the drill because it felt so good…that happens.  I’ve had shooters become giddy when doing this drill and they refused to stop…5-10 minutes after we’d moved on to other drills.  One had seen double his entire life.  One was a lady who’s brain had been fried from chemo 6 months before and this drill made the “lights come on” for the first time.  For others, different joint pains stopped bothering them.  This 100+ year old drill is truly amazing.

There have been no improvements made in the Brock String in the last 100 years…until recently.  When you’re done watching this, I want to show you how you can get your own retractable, portable Brock String 2.0, “flat” Brock strings for your wallet, an assortment of other vision training tools, and drills that will help you see quicker, see your front sight clearer, shift focus quicker, have more peripheral vision, and more.

Vision Training is the biggest change that we’re going to see in shooting over the next 5 years and this is your chance to be at the front of the pack.

Check it out now by clicking >HERE<



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