Orlando Attack & Lessons from 250 Years Of War


Many people think that Islamic attacks on the US, like what happened Friday night/Saturday morning, are a relatively new thing, but America has been under attack from Muslim terrorists since before we were even a country.

Before America declared her independence, our oceangoing ships were at risk for attack from Islamic pirates and flew under the protection of the British flag…specifically, the British government paid tribute to Muslim pirates in exchange for not being attacked as often.

During the Revolutionary War, our ships sailed under the protection of the French flag. Again, France paid tribute to Muslim pirates to reduce the number of attacks.

After we gained our independence, things got sticky…now we were paying tributes/bribes to Islamic leaders and it was eating up 20% of the federal budget. Washington said, “Would to Heaven we had a navy able to reform those enemies to mankind, or crush them into non-existence.” We didn’t, so we paid them money through Washington’s and Adam’s administrations. When Jefferson became president, the Muslim leaders and pirates decided to bump up the bribe considerably.

Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Franklin had been negotiating with Muslim leaders for almost 20 years by this point.

What Jefferson soon realized is that the Muslim leaders only saw 3 courses of action for dealing with non-believers…

1. Convert
2. Tax
3. Kill

There was no option to peacefully co-exist.

And Jefferson realized we had 3 options for dealing with the problem…

1. Diplomacy and verbal negotiations…which weren’t working.
2. Restrict conflict by restricting interaction between Americans and Muslims (restrict travel, trade, and change our way of life to make them happy)…which wasn’t a realistic option.
3. Use force until there was no longer a clear and present threat.

So Jefferson told them to pound sand. Islamic pirates captured and killed our merchant sailers, we sent 8 Marines and a few hundred private military contractors to rescue the surviving crew, and beat down the pirates until they agreed to stop attacking our ships.

(This was “…the shores of Tripoli…”, when we took the Marine sword design from Islamic pirates, and “Leathernecks” came from the leather neck on the coats of the Marines and contractor’s coats that was thick enough to keep them from getting their heads lopped off by the pirates.)

The conflict has ebbed and flowed since.  No 4th option to peacefully co-exist has been added, but nuances do exist…

I have known Muslims through the years who love America. They just want to be left alone and mean no harm to others. They’re more than happy to peacefully co-exist. They’re not the problem.

The fact is, Radical Islam has been at war with America since before we were a country…we just don’t always admit it.  Even if we fast forward to today, some people think that the “war on terror” started in 2001 and that’s a serious mistake that causes people to make bad decisions.  Just think about some of the attacks that have happened over the last 40 years…

Airline hijackings and bombings
The Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking
Embassy bombing(S!!) and attacks
Nightclub bombing/attacks
The attacks on the USS The Sullivans and USS Cole
4 US Ambassadors (Dubs, Meloy, Noel, & Stevens) have been killed and/or kidnapped and killed by Islamic terrorists
The FIRST World Trade Center bombing (failed truck bourne chlorine bomb attack)
“Blackhawk Down” in Mogadishu, Somalia
And, of course, the September 11th attacks, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, and thousands of nameless/faceless attacks around the globe that kill/maim 1-2 people at a time but never make the headlines.
and more.

In other words, this isn’t new, it’s not going away, and you better be ready for it.

But there has been a disturbing (even if it’s predictable) pattern of trying to use this event to advance gun control and, in the process, make the lives of people who die from gunshot wounds appear to be worth more than those who die from other causes.

The media was quick to say that an “automatic” rifle was used, an assault rifle, an AR, or AR-15 was used.  You know by now that it wasn’t an automatic rifle or an assault rifle and if the rifle wasn’t made by Colt, it wasn’t an AR or AR-15.

At the same time, I haven’t heard the same intensity of cries for tougher driving laws, cracking down on pools, eradicating mosquitoes or other things that are way more dangerous than firearms.

There’s a line of thought that if we can pass just one more law and save just one more life, it’ll make us all safer…regardless of how many law abiding citizens it hurts.

But the 20,000+ gun laws that are currently on the books in the US didn’t protect anyone at the club…yes, there are 20,000+ gun laws on the books in the US right now and it takes a special combination of narcissism and ignorance to think that one more magic law is going to stop gun violence.

I don’t know the specific additional local laws that the murdering psychopath broke, but here are some that I know he broke.

Brandishing a firearm is illegal.
Discharging a firearm inside of city limits is illegal in almost all incorporated areas.
Assault is illegal
Shooting with intent to kill is illegal
Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is illegal
Aggravated malicious wounding is illegal
Terroristic threats are illegal.
1st degree, pre-meditated murder is illegal.
In most jurisdictions, carrying a firearm into an establishment whose primary business is the sale of alcohol is illegal.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he bought the guns legally or illegally. It doesn’t matter whether it was a gun free zone or not a gun free zone. It doesn’t even matter whether guns are available or not.

Murdering psychopaths don’t care about laws, they don’t care whether they break 1 law or 100 laws, and the absence of having a firearm isn’t going to suddenly make them sane. If they don’t have a gun, history has shown us that they’ll use knives, sticks, bombs, potato guns, a pressure cooker like the Boston Marathon murderers, or a rock like Cain used on Abel.

It’s simply idiotic, moronic, and ignorant to suggest that passing more laws will make a difference.  Murderers don’t care about breaking laws.

Australia confiscated privately owned firearms and violent crime rates didn’t improve.

The UK severely restricted private gun ownership rights and their violent crime rates didn’t improve.

Restricted private gun ownership rights didn’t help Jews stay safer in Germany in the 30s.

Increased restrictions on private citizens ability to protect themselves throughout history has only helped two classes of people: Tyrants and criminals/sociopaths who are willing to use violence to take what they want from innocent people.

So, what do you do?

Jefferson said that when it no longer makes sense to negotiate verbally and you can’t run away, you must have the ability to defend yourself with force.

Ghandi was INCREDIBLY anti-violence, but was also against passive victims and encouraged his son to defend himself and his father with firearms, if absolutely necessary.

Martin Luther King believed in peaceful resolutions to conflict, but also believed in the ability to legally defend himself from violence…which is why he applied for a concealed carry permit in Alabama in 1956.

Ronald Reagan often carried a concealed pistol as President…even with Secret Service protection.

The Secretary General of INTERPOL has said that an armed citizenry is the answer to Islamic terrorism.

And Sheriffs  from coast to coast have said that armed citizens in general and concealed carry in particular is the key to a safe society.

So, what do you do?

Step 1: Be Aware. Identify conventional (doors) and unconventional (windows, breakable walls, ceilings, floors) ways to get out of every place you go.

Step 2: Be ready to attack or run…but don’t cower or freeze. 100+ people got shot at the club. There were (supposedly) 300 people in the club. There had to have been at least 200 of those people who were fit enough, strong enough, and fast enough to stop the attack with bare hands, pepper spray, chairs, tables, fire extinguishers, silverware, bar-ware, etc. The majority of the time, people who have the ability to stop an attack don’t stop the attack because they freeze or panic. Not because they don’t want to do something to help, or don’t have the ability, but because they haven’t thought through their response ahead of time and CAN’T think through their response in the middle of a life or death situation, so they panic or freeze.

There’s a saying that goes, “You go to war with the Army you’ve got.” and the same is true for a fight…when a fight comes to you, you’re going to respond with the skill, mindset, and gear that you’ve got with you at that instant. There’s no “ask the audience” or “dial a friend”…you either execute or you don’t, and the time to figure this stuff out is BEFORE something happens.

Step 3: Get a gun.

Step 4: Get training.

Step 5: Practice, practice, and practice some more. Practice until you master your craft and then practice some more. You may only get an instant to take life-saving action in a life or death situation and you probably won’t get a second chance.

For those of you who already have the Concealed Carry Masters Course, you probably recognize all 5 of these from your training. If you haven’t been through the Concealed Carry Masters Course, it’s a 9.5 hour DVD training course that covers situational awareness and threat level assessment, armed and unarmed conditioned responses (immediate action drills), training, and practice drills. It seamlessly integrates SEAL inspired classroom instruction, follow-along dry fire drills that you can do in your living room, and live fire practice in a way that will help you improve your skill level faster than what’s possible with live-fire only training.

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  • Mark Mathers

    Reply Reply June 16, 2016

    A book I read recently, the ISIS Solution, suggegts that attacks may increase during the month of Ramadan. Carry more ammo, stay on your toes, know ur exits.

  • Ashley Burns

    Reply Reply June 14, 2016

    Thanks for this information and the links.

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