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One of the biggest things that makes my firearms training different and more effective than traditional firearms training is the fact that I focus as high upstream in the learning and training process as possible.

Sights, triggers, gear, guns, and technique are all important, but you can get several times more benefit from your training time and training dollar when you focus further upstream…on the visual aspects of shooting and brain based learning and practice techniques.

This brain based approach lets you learn skills in a way that helps you perform at a higher level under stress.

This falls under the category of performance neurology—a fancy sounding term that EVERYONE can benefit from.

If you’re serious about mastering your craft as a warrior, maximizing your effectiveness as an instructor, or just want to have a better understanding of pain, mobility, speed, and strength, I’ve got a very special event that I want to invite you to.

It’s a 4 day performance neurology certification with Dr. Eric Cobb from Z-Health called “R-Phase.” It’s a certification that will help you take the brakes off of your body, reduce pain, reduce stress levels, and increase mobility.

And, in case you’re wondering, “R” stands for rehabilitation, restoration, and brain/body re-education.

Doc is one of the leading experts in harnessing the power of the neurology of movement to create extraordinary change in the human body.

Specifically, he distills PhD level neurology and physiology down to a level where individuals like you and I can quickly understand and use the concepts to get fast, dramatic improvements in speed, mobility, and performance…both individually and as an instructor.

I’ve been working with Dr. Cobb and Z-Health for just over 4 years now, and my results have been phenomenal. They’ve helped me with nagging pain in my foot, ankle, knee, IT band, hip, sciatic, lower back, shoulder, and wrist.

The crazy thing is, in every case, the solution didn’t have anything to do with where I felt pain…the solutions were all neurological.

In addition, I don’t need to wear glasses to pass my driver’s exam anymore, my eyes track correctly for the first time in my life and I don’t randomly alternate between seeing single and double images.

It’s been like going from watching a 1960s black and white TV with aluminum foil covered rabbit ears during a thunderstorm to watching a 4K Blu-ray movie.

As a firearms instructor, what I’ve learned from Doc & Z-Health has given me the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix issues with shooters…even after they’d worked with several incredible instructors who couldn’t help them, simply because traditional firearms training didn’t have the right diagnostic tools to do the job.

You see, a lot of the neurological issues that cause pain also inhibit performance and it’s fairly common to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

As a husband, father, son, and friend, what I’ve learned from Doc has allowed me to help those I care about when nothing else has worked.

I’ve worked with Dr. Cobb and his instructors in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle and there’s a good chance that there are already people like you who have gone through his training.

While at Z-Health training events, I’ve met special operations personnel, SWAT instructors, combatives instructors, firefighters, fellow firearms instructors, division one college trainers, personal trainers, and PTSD/TBI counselors.

A lot of the people I’ve met at Z-Health training events have just been passionate about figuring out how to make their body work better, have less pain, and enjoy life more.

This training is for anyone who wants to:

  •    Get your body working better than it ever has before…even if you or a loved one have nagging issues that have been causing problems for years and ESPECIALLY if you’ve been banged around or concussed more than your share.
  •     Be a more effective warrior, first responder, or perform better at your favorite sport. (Doc has a long combattives background, is an avid shooter, and has worked extensively within the military and law enforcement tactical communities.
  •     Learn how to quickly and accurately assess yourself or others to determine underlying problems and know specific exercises to quickly help increase speed, range of motion, and performance.

    This will make you a better instructor, trainer, or coach and give you a level of expertise that’s unique and in high demand.

But the impact of this training goes beyond just performing better.

When the brain is fed inaccurate sensory input or can’t effectively communicate with the joints and muscles, it causes stress…sometimes, a lot of stress.

If you can calibrate and synchronize your sensory input with R-Phase techniques and improve communication between your brain and the rest of your body, it can cause stress levels to plummet.

The result for many people after applying the R-Phase techniques you’ll learn is a calmed limbic system, a more healthy stress response, more everyday feelings of being relaxed, quicker speed, better sleep, and higher performance at everything you do.

This is why professional athletes in almost every sport, law enforcement and military tactical operators from coast to coast and around the world, and others passionate about peak performance actively seek out Doc and the trainers, instructors, and coaches who have been through the Z-Health R-Phase training.

By now, you’re probably VERY interested in becoming certified with me. Here’s a sneak peak into a sampling of what you and I will be learning from Dr. Cobb:

  • ·       Neurologically backed strategies to create 70% pain relief in 5-minutes or less

    ·       High-speed dynamic assessments to tell you exactly where students or clients are having issues

    ·       Sensory & Motor Activation Patterns for efficient, effective movement

    ·       Why walking gait is the greatest physical tool at your disposal and how to use it

    ·       How Visual Reflexes influence strength, movement efficiency, and client energy

    ·       New strategies for combatting the Adrenaline/Cortisol Cascade

    ·       How to use Bone Rhythm Movements to quickly improve strength & efficiency

    ·       160+ targeted Joint Mobility Drills to restore healthy mobility

    ·       New neurological findings on traditional training: Treadmills and Unstable Surfaces

    ·       Postural cues to create a foundation for fluid, strong movement

This course is offered throughout the year in different venues around the globe, but Doc spends a lot of his time teaching overseas and it’s rare to be able to take a class from him.

I know and have worked with several of Doc’s instructors and they’ve all been amazing, but there’s an opportunity next month that you really want to take advantage of.

From August 17th-20th, Doc himself will be teaching R-Phase in Phoenix…Tempe to be exact!

Doc has over 1,000 practitioners using Z-Health and constantly feeding him information on best practices and the practical application of the latest advances in neuroscience.

As a result of all of this data, research and information sharing, the training with Doc in Phoenix will expose you to cutting edge techniques that most industry professionals won’t be exposed to for another few years.

And this is why I’m personally attending this training…and why I’m inviting you to attend it with me.

I’ll tell you right off the bat. It’s not cheap, but it IS a tremendous value. It combines cutting edge training from one of the top experts in performance neurology for elite performance along with a rare chance to spend time with me.

So, if you’re serious about getting the most performance out of the body you’ve got, or helping others do the same, you need to attend this course with me.

Here’s what you do next…

Simply click >HERE< sign up for the August 17-20 class, and put “Ox” in the box that says, “Referred by:”

(If you sign up for “I” Phase at the same time, you’ll save a significant amount. Right now, I’m planning on attending the November “I” Phase class in Tempe. I Phase is the next level of certification that Z-Health offers.)

When you get your confirmation email, forward it to me immediately…I’ll have a few special bonuses for you, both now and in Tempe when we’re at the course together.

If you have any questions, fire away by commenting below.

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