Join me for Scenario Based Training in AZ! *Time Sensitive*

Several years ago, I noticed a pattern in how I responded in high stress situations.

No matter how good my training and skills were, the first time I had to use those skills in a high stress situation, my performance was WAY worse than I wished it had been.

It happened in sports, driving, fighting, medical emergencies, and violent situations.

In fact, there was a HUGE jump in performance from the first encounter to the 2nd, even if my skills hadn’t improved between events.

This is a pattern that I’ve repeatedly seen in others and is widely recognized in the training industry.

In reading Ken Murray’s book, “Training At The Speed Of Life” we learn that it normally takes 2-3 lethal force encounters to go from feeling like you’re moving through molasses with brain fog to being comfortable enough with the chaos that you can keep a cool head, think creatively, and take quicker, more deliberate actions.

It’s why scenario based training is so effective.

When you work through mistakes in scenario based training when the potential consequences are low, your chances of success shoot through the roof in a real-world situation when the consequences are high.

Scenario based training not only tests your skill level, but it tests and refines your stress modulation skills…can you effectively and reactively calm yourself and take solid action when everyone else is freaking out?

That’s why I want you to join me in Gilbert AZ in a couple of weeks for the Threat Resolution Science Scenario Based Training Class.

They’re the guys who brought us the “Fight To Your Gun” training that has been such a hit with people who have gone through it.

Drawing on modern neuroscience and sports training concepts, as well as decades of personal experience with violent situations, this course is precisely designed to help you build accurate mental blueprints for real-world counter-assault scenarios.

It’s based on the fact that in real-world violence, you’re probably going to have to fight to your gun to be able to use your gun (if you even have it with you) in a violent encounter.

It is one thing to practice tools and tactics in isolation but things can dramatically change when you must take decisive actions in a chaotic environment.

In this course you will be guided through a safe, progressive build-up to full scenarios that are appropriate for men and women of all skill levels.

They’ll allow you to explore and further develop your mental and physical tools.

In the end, you’ll be more aware and prepared for any potential real-world encounter.

Key elements of this live training are:

·        Step-By-Step Scenario Replications. They’ll break scenarios down into chunks, you’ll master the chunks, then they’ll combine the chunks into scenarios.

·        Verbal and Physical De-Escalation Tactics

·        Environmental Blueprint Development

·        Empty hands and improvised weapon Counter Assault Training in Confined Spaces

·        Interacting with 911 and what to say to law enforcement after the smoke clears

Since women are the most likely to be targeted for violence, the course is taught in a way that everything works for smaller, petite women.

And anything that works for a small, petite woman will work even better for the most grizzled pipe hitter.

Despite Doc’s extensive background with violent encounters and training special operations units, his teaching style has resulted in classes that are normally made up of about 50% women.

Lifelong fighters know that Doc’s not going to dumb stuff down and women know that it’s going to be a safe environment…both physically and emotionally…to learn effective skills to survive worst-case-scenarios.

It’s not unusual to see a hardened vet with multiple deployments paired up with a housewife who’s getting her first exposure to true combatives training…and both enjoying and learning from the training.

This training is not cheap (quality scenario based training never is) — but it is an incredible value.

There’s a common saying among scenario based instructors that you can get bigger gains in real world performance with 5 minutes of scenario based training than you can with 5 years of traditional training…and when you look at it that way, the value becomes clear…especially when you think about the fact that you’re going to be doing the training for 3 days.

Remember, if you signed up for Fight To Your Gun, you received a $100 live training credit that you can apply to this training (just email me after you’ve signed up for the course and we’ll take care of it)

If you’re interested…and you should be…the first thing to do is to sign up for the at-home Fight To Your Gun training by clicking >HERE<. That will get you a $100 discount on the live training, get you up to speed before you get to the class, and it may very well save your life between now and then.

After you’ve got the training, click >HERE< to sign up to join me for this month’s live training in Gilbert, AZ. Make sure to let me know after you’ve signed up so we can connect and grab a bite to eat together.

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  • Steven Linton

    Reply Reply January 4, 2019

    I’d love to attend but I already have most of the stuff you’re asking me to buy to get the $100 discount on the event in AZ. Looking at the event information, I would love to attend but the costs are outrageous. Am I missing something here? Is there some discounted package price?


    Steve Linton.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply January 4, 2019

      Hey Steve, let me take a shot at trying to answer your questions on this…You said you have “most of the stuff” that we’re asking you to buy to get the $100 discount, but there’s only one course that comes with the $100 discount and that’s Fight To Your Gun. I checked, and I don’t see that you have Fight To Your Gun yet.

      As to the cost being more than you’d like to pay, I understand. This live training may not be for you. The fact is that all training is not created equal. What I’ve found after training with somewhere between 50-100 combat arts instructors is that cheap training can easily be the most expensive training that you can get. The training with Eric, Tyler, and Leo is incredibly high leverage and it stands out as delivering dramatically more value than “normal” training.

      There’s a tendency for students to always think that the last class they went to was the best and the last instructor they learned from was the best…and it’s difficult to even imagine how much better it could be or have perspective until you’ve attended a few best-in-class trainings.

      There’s nothing wrong with doing local training with an affordable instructor or school…I encourage it. But the way that you phrased your question tells me that the level of this training may be several orders of magnitude beyond anything you’ve experienced in the past. And that’s OK.

      I didn’t realize how wide the gap could be between ordinary training and world class training until I experienced it the first time…and I didn’t appreciate how much more value for the dollar I could get by paying for the best training I could find until I did it the first time.

      A few things about this training that are probably very different than any other training you’ve been to that make it worth dramatically more than 99.9% of courses out there:

      1. Eric is recognized around the world as an expert in high performance neuro science.
      2. He’s worked with professional sports teams and special operations units for the last 2 decades and travels the globe teaching instructors most of the year.
      3. His mastery of the neurology of learning means that you’ll absorb more usable skill from the training than you’re likely to absorb from typical training.
      4. His personal history with targeted violence in multiple countries and the fact that he’s here today means that you’ll get perspective and real-world experience that you’re unlikely to get from other instructors. Most instructors who have lots of exposure to violence have it as a result of being in law enforcement and moving towards violence or their violent encounters were as part of a team. Real world attacks are typically ambushes that involve speed, surprise, and violence of action…no team and no getting psyched up. One second, you’re going about your life and the next you’re in a fight for your life–and Eric has become an expert at surviving situations like that and RAPIDLY teaching others to do the same.

      A lot of this may be hard to absorb or believe, and again, that’s OK. It may not be for you right now. If it’s not, maybe the at-home video training could be a good discounted option or maybe situations will change in the future and it will make sense.

      Either way, I wish you the best and thank you for your business.

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