I almost lost my gun rights…here’s how to protect yours.

I’ve got 2 quick stories to share with you today.  One where a friend of mine almost lost his gun rights and one where I almost lost my gun rights…even though both of us were innocent.

I’ll start with my friend.  I can’t give you all of the details, but here’s what happened.

He had a rental house that he decided to move into after the tenants bailed on him.

He was being a good guy and had a charitable organization that hired “rehabilitated” felons to do the rehab work.

They did a bad job and he fired them in writing.

A couple of weeks later, he went to the house and found some of the workers inside.  Keep in mind, this is the house that he and his elderly mother are getting ready to move into.  They wouldn’t leave his property and demanded he let them finish the work…work he’d already finished.

They were bigger, younger, there were a few of them, and he knew they had rough histories.

After repeatedly asking them to leave his new residence, he felt threatened and grabbed his pistol.  He didn’t point it at them.  He just had his pistol in his hands in his house.

They left in a hurry.

He flagged down a passing officer and described what happened.  He didn’t want to press charges and the officer didn’t take an incident report.  It appeared as if it was a non-event.

Except for the fact that he didn’t call 911.  And they did.

These ex-cons knew how to work the system…because they’d been dealing with the system for years.

The story they told 911 became the baseline.  And it was nearly impossible to counter.

He was looking at felony gun charges…for trying to get multiple trespassers, who he knew had long criminal histories, out of the house that he owned and was moving into.

This was in a conservative county in a conservative state.

But the fact is, local courts across the country know that they can extort money out of good people by throwing inflated charges at them and then offering to reduce the charges in exchange for a guilty plea.

It’s a multi-million dollar moneymaker, and it chews up and spits out innocent people every single day.

Cities & counties get more money without raising taxes, attorneys have a gravy train of law-abiding customers who are ignorant about the legal system, and nobody cares if a few eggs get broken.

Most good people don’t know a criminal defense attorney because they don’t need a criminal defense attorney.

But when you find yourself in a situation where your facing inflated criminal charges, the attorney who did your will or who you know from church probably isn’t going to cut it.  You need a pro.

You see, it’s not enough to be justified in brandishing or using a firearm to protect yourself or a loved one.

The legal system chews up and spits out good people every day.  About 10 years ago, it chewed me up…and I’ll tell you how my gun rights were teetering on a razor’s edge in just a minute.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to become an expert at navigating the legal system.

And that’s why I signed up for USCCA’s concealed carry insurance on June 6, 2011, why I’ve had it ever since, and why you should too.

Because I don’t want to do everything right and STILL lose my rights to own a firearm.

Because I don’t want to do everything right and go bankrupt trying to defend myself from criminal or civil charges.

They’ve taught me how & when to interact with 911 so I don’t lose my gun rights when I’ve done nothing wrong.

I know if I do need to use a firearm to defend myself, they’ll be there to help me find an attorney and help me with financial resources to preserve my rights and freedoms.

And they can be there for you too.

I know there are several options for this kind of insurance.  USCCA was the first.  They were the pioneers.  And they’re still clearly the best option.

And this week, when you sign up through this link >HERE< you’ll not only get the concealed carry insurance that I have and recommend, but a portion of every dollar you spend will go to support our blog.  How great is that!?!

So, if you’ve been on the fence about which program to sign up for, or have been on the fence about pulling the trigger, please don’t wait any longer.  Act now by clicking >HERE<

I told you that I almost lost my gun rights a few years ago…

Here’s what happened.

It was mid-afternoon in July and I was stopped at a stop sign, getting ready to turn onto a busy street.

A man who I would come to find out was a con-artist, flew out from behind some bushes on a bike in front of my Jeep and smacked my hood with his hand.

I got out, asked him if he was OK, and he raised his shirt, showing me green and yellow bruises and yelled, “I’m fine, but look at what happened last week!”

In the process of talking with him, he approached me, leaned into my driver’s side mirror, broke it, and then rode off.

I got on my phone, called a friend who was an accident investigator, and asked him if I needed to call 911.

He said if there was no injury and less than $1,000 in damage, there was no need.

And, he would have been right if the con-artist hadn’t called 911.

He and a buddy cooked up an alternative story and told the cops I’d smashed into him, broke his ribs, and raced off in a classic hit-and-run.

The buddy had outstanding warrants and was hauled off to jail.

Fortunately for me, the paramedics who arrived were the same ones who had treated him the week before…and a few other times.  The injuries were the same ones they’d seen the week before and were the wrong color to be new.

But he filed a police report anyhow.

It didn’t matter that I’d immediately called a police officer—an accident investigator no less—the con-artist had called 911.

The prosecutor threatened to file some really nasty inflated charges, but was willing to downgrade it to the equivalent of a misdemeanor—basically a speeding ticket—with a hefty fine if I plead guilty.

Keep in mind, I did nothing wrong.  A con-artist tried to get hit, broke the side mirror on my Jeep, left the scene of the accident, and filed a false police report.  I called police before he did…I just didn’t call 911.

My attorney didn’t give a rat’s rear end about me and gave me really bad (and expensive) advice…which I listened to because I didn’t know any better.

I found out a few months later on a local TV expose what was really happening.  Since then, it’s spread across the country.

Just like with my friend, courts in several smaller cities in our area figured out that when they had a law-abiding person with a job and no criminal history, they could inflate charges to get the person to plea to lower charges and big fines.

The thought is that there’s no harm in this because the charges will drop off after a year if the person doesn’t do anything else wrong.

The courts make money, the prosecutors rack up great stats, and the attorneys make a killing.

If you’re in the right and decide to fight them, you may win, or they may decide to make an example of you so that people will be more compliant in the future.  And a big factor in determining which way things will go is what kind of legal representation you have.

Now my case wasn’t gun related.

But I still almost lost my right to own firearms.

And it’s a lesson of just how important it is to get the best legal representation you can find…not the best that you can afford, but the best available.

USCCA concealed carry insurance helps bridge that gap between what you can afford and what you need.

Hopefully, you’ll never need the insurance.  But even if you never do, there are a ton of benefits that come with it that you WILL use.

Learn more and pick the plan that’s right for you by clicking >HERE<

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  • JoshB

    Reply Reply July 2, 2018

    How would uscca have helped you in the example you gave beings it wasn’t firearms related?

    • Ox

      Reply Reply July 3, 2018

      Excellent question.

      I THOUGHT I knew how the legal system worked at the time, but in reality I had no clue. One of the things that you get with the USCCA insurance is simple training in how to interact with 911. If I would have known how important that call was and what I needed to say, it would have been my 911 call that became the baseline instead of the con-artist’s. Up until that point, I was under the impression that I should avoid talking with 911 if at all possible. The truth is more complicated. 911 is a double edged sword. What you say can help you tremendously, or it can eviscerate you. One call to 911 instead of to the accident investigator would have been the difference between the day being a non-event and thousands of dollars wasted, many restless nights, and years of frustration and damage control.

      For the city, once the report was filed, it was no longer about guilt or innocence. It was obvious to all that it was a con. The officer even laughed abut it as he was writing the citation. But at that point, they had a fish on the line (me) and it was simply a matter for them to figure out how much money they could extort…how much I would pay before I dug my heels in and fought them.

  • Phil

    Reply Reply July 2, 2018

    Don’t forget the way-cool DVDs available with pistolero and essential legal facts for your protection. Home “visitors” love 911 chatty operators who insist a 9 year old hiding stays on the line. Plan and train ahead.

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