How to get “Newbie Gains” when you’re not a noob…

When I started high school, I fell in love with weightlifting…squats in particular.

I hit it HARD for a few years and loved it, but one of the things that I was always trying to do was to make gains as fast as I did when I was first starting.

It didn’t happen.

There’s something in weightlifting and almost every skill called “Newbie Gains” or “Beginner Gains.”

They’re FUN!

It’s a time when your strength increases faster than your muscles grow.

You may wonder how that works…

When you first start doing any kind of lift, the brain has to figure out how to maintain balance and stability on-the-fly.

It doesn’t want you to hurt yourself by moving weights that are heavier than what you can control.

If there’s no script to follow, this takes time and effort and the unknown risk is a little bit threatening to the brain…so it engages stabilizer muscles more than necessary and holds back on how much it lets you engage the muscles you actually want to use.  The result is less output than you might expect.

Neurology is the main limiting factor in how quickly you get stronger…especially early on.

The more confident your brain gets that you’re not going to hurt yourself by lifting, the more muscle fibers it engages when you lift and it stops engaging excess stabilizer muscles…you stop wobbling and all of your output goes to actually lifting the weight.

On paper, it looks like an explosive increase in strength…sometimes with no real increase in muscle fibers.

The explosive increase in strength is due to neurology and efficiency…not dramatically bigger muscles.

Gains due to neurology are quick and dramatic…gains due to muscle gain take a L O T longer.

So, what’s this have to do with shooting?

There’s a similar thing that happens with shooting.

Gains due to neurology are quick and dramatic…gains due to improvements in skill can take a lot longer.

It’s part of the reason why shooters who spend time on vision, balance, and hand-eye coordination are able to improve so much quicker than those who just spend time grinding out reps.

Don’t get me wrong…you need both…but for a lot of shooters, the speed of improvement that they get when they grind out reps is–how should I put it–boring.

Doing vision, balance, and hand-eye drills is exactly what they need to start experiencing “HOLY COW!” improvements in performance and get even more excited about training.

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