How To Carry Half As Much And Be 2x More Prepared

Hey, if you missed the free training video that I sent out last night on shooting vs. fighting with a pistol, you can check it out >HERE<

I’ve got another great video for you today on how you can carry less AND be more prepared.

I used to carry all sorts of weapons and improvised weapons with me.

When I was working security and there were death threats involved, it might have made sense…but I carried all sorts of stuff with me ALL of the time and that just becomes a big inconvenience.

Multiple knives, pepper spray, my gun, tactical pen, spare mag, flashlight, and sometimes a kubaton, monkey fist, or other stuff.

But then I had my “normal” stuff too.

I usually had an over-the-shoulder computer bag or pack, my phone, and a beverage of some sort.

I made things SO much more complicated than I needed to…

I knew that it is hard to drop stuff in a sympathetic response, so I practiced dropping my drink or whatever was in my hand so I could get to a defensive tool.

I would usually carry a defensive tool or two in my computer bag so my pockets wouldn’t be overloaded and I’d practice getting a tool and dropping the bag as quick as possible.

Little did I know that I was tripping over diamonds.

Now I carry half as much and I’m twice as prepared.

These days, some of my most effective defensive tools are in plain sight.  I can set them on a table in front of me in the middle of a commercial flight or in a court room and I *might* get a lazy yawn from someone who’s overly curious.

This new approach means I carry less, I’m calmer, I have more earned confidence than ever, I don’t sweat going through security, and I’m actually more prepared for any kind of an attack that may happen…and I’m going to share it with you today.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It’s a case where simple is better, and I’ve got another free training video from Eric, Tyler, and Leo from Threat Resolution Science that will tell you exactly what I’m talking about.

Little did I know that the very items I was training to drop so I could get to my “defensive tools” were actually defensive tools.

Now, you can’t make the mistake of just thinking through this…you have to take the next step and actually do some exploration with these tools.  Incorporate them into your dry fire practice.  Instead of standing in a “ready” position and drawing, just start with a dixie cup or styrofoam cup in your hand and throw it at your target before drawing your gun.

Stay tuned for another free training video first thing tomorrow morning…we’re going to talk about some of the big problems with traditional fighting/shooting stances and blocks…especially for more seasoned and injured bodies.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the training survey so far!  If you’ve got a sec, I’d like to know if you already combine combatives training with your gun training, if not…why, and if so, how often you practice.  I’ve got a REALLY quick 8 question, click-the-button survey >HERE< that will help me know how I can help you with this the most moving forward.  It’s mobile friendly and will only take about 40 seconds to do.

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