How To Boost Firearms Learning Speed (From The Queensland Brain Institute)

I ran across a neat chart today on 6 techniques for boosting learning speed from the Queensland Brain Institute.

I was linking directly to their website, but the traffic seems to have bogged down their server, so now you can click on the image above to see a bigger version.  Or, you can still go to the University of Queensland site to see the graphic by clicking >HERE<

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the 21 Day Alpha Shooter course incorporates all 6 of these “boosts” to help improve the power and effectiveness of your training time.

All so that you can make the biggest gains in performance possible with a limited amount of training time.

  1. Minimizing distractions is one of the key benefits of dry fire.  The fact is that an explosion happening a foot or two from your face is distracting.  That’s one of the reasons why Max Michel and other world champion shooters use and promote dry fire.
  2. Each 21 Day Alpha Shooter lesson builds on the prior lessons…causing you to recall past lessons with every future lesson.  This frequent recall and refinement cycle helps consolidate short term memories into long term procedural memory that you can use under stress.
  3. Spread out the learning.  A LOT of courses teach most of the skills in half an hour instead of over the course of 21 days.  The consequence of that is that the brain is overwhelmed with too much new information and very little makes it to long term memory.  By limiting the amount of material covered in each session, you get a much higher percentage locked into long term memory.
  4. Mix things up.  Simple interleaved training, like doing lunges or standing on one leg while doing dry fire drills, keeps practice novel and gets more areas of the brain involved in the learning process.  Some estimates are that this simple hack increases the speed of new neural connections to 1.8 MILLION new connections per second!  (I go into it more >HERE<)
  5. Combine the spoken word with images.  Follow along video training allows you to simultaneously see, hear, and practice proper technique.  Again, this recruits more areas of the brain into the learning process.
  6. Use stories.  I incorporate several stories and illustrations into the training to help you take abstract concepts like neural pathway creation and make them come alive so you can use them for everything from firearms training to habits you want to form/break to training dogs and raising kids.

Try them out the next time you’re practicing.  And, if you’re a serious shooter looking to shortcut the learning process even more, I want to encourage you to check out the 21 Day Alpha Shooter DVD (and online) course by clicking >HERE<

Looking to go beyond 21 Day Alpha Shooter to more advanced training?  Then you need to check out Draw Stroke Mastery >HERE<


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  • William Craig

    Reply Reply January 28, 2020

    Very good info. I will incorporate it in my dryfire training as
    well as everyday life.

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