Guns & Voting…Can YOU Carry When You Vote

One of the big questions that comes up every 2 years is whether or not you can carry your firearm when you vote.

It’s an important question. Voter intimidation at polling locations isn’t widespread, but when it happens, law abiding people should be able to defend themselves if necessary and not left to feel disarmed and helpless.

And with the craziness we’ve seen lately, it’s smart to identify prospective target areas and be aware and prepared if you go to one.

Besides, there are safety and legal considerations to disarming and re-arming in the parking lot when voting.

So, as far as carrying a gun when voting there are two answers….

First, laws around lawfully armed and responsibly armed Americans being able to carry a firearm while voting are a complete mess.

In Arizona, you can drink and vote, but you can’t carry a firearm. It’s illegal for non-law enforcement to carry a firearm and vote in a handfull of states, like Texas, where you’d think it would be legal.

In Texas, according to the Secretary of State, even teachers who are allowed to carry when working can’t carry at the exact same school when it’s a polling location.

In other states, it depends on the laws governing the polling location.

If your polling location is in a school, church, government building (courthouse), or privately owned building that’s marked as a gun-free zone, you’re going to need to know your local laws.

Some people choose to go ahead and carry in places where it’s not allowed IF the penalty for doing so is a non-firearms misdemeanor, but not where it is a firearms-related misdemeanor or a felony.

Ironically, in Pittsburgh, where police resource officers aren’t allowed to be armed in schools and the mayor says that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry in synagogues and churches, you CAN go vote with a rifle strapped to your back…as long as the polling location doesn’t prohibit it.

Second, I was talking with a friend the other day about self-defense.

Jason was excited because he’d been practicing with his gun and had been making a lot of improvement.

I congratulated him, encouraged him, and then asked him about his plan when he didn’t have his gun on him.

At first, he claimed that he never went anywhere without it.

But when I started asking about working out, showering, sleeping, gun free zones, trips to the doctor, the once-a-year flight he always takes to see family, and voting, he kind of squirmed and started mumbling about some kind of training he’d gotten a couple decades ago.

As he was trailing off, I think I heard him say something about a “niner”…like he was using a walkie-talkie.

I could tell he was lost and trying to save face, and I wanted to help him. We both knew that the skills that he had at one time were rough and rusty now.

Over time, his belief in his skills had gone from being earned and deserved to being nostalgic at best. He could still talk a good game, but the actual skills were mostly a memory.

He could still build on the skills he had, but he’d have to knock the tarnish off first.

He just needed a quick/easy way to make that happen…like REAL quick.

So, I took my stealth tactical pen off of my lapel and gave it to him.

And I told him to go to >THIS SITE< and sign up for the training to learn how to use everyday items he usually had with him to stop threats quickly when going straight to his gun isn’t an option.

Jason went home, ordered a pizza for dinner and started watching the videos. By the time his pizza arrived and he was done eating, he’d finished the training.

He’d not only watched the training, but he was able to practice the techniques, alone, in his living room and was already refining.

The tarnish was gone…his old skills (and earned confidence) were suddenly refreshed…sure, he wasn’t as young & quick & nimble as he used to be, but he knew that the right tactics, tools, and unconventional warfare approach would help him against a bigger, stronger attacker just like they helped the lowly colonists beat the English empire.

Over the next week, Jason spent a few minutes a day incorporating his new “moves” into his daily routine. It didn’t really take any extra time…it just gave his time dual purpose—made it more efficient.

When we saw each other a week later, the earned confidence was apparent in his step and demeanor. He wasn’t looking for a fight, but if forced into a situation where he had to defend himself, he knew he could protect himself and his family…even if he couldn’t go straight to his gun.

I’d like to give YOU a free Stealth OR Super-Stealth Tactical Pen like I did Jason. You won’t get the pen in time to vote, but you CAN build WAY better skills between now and Tuesday with the training. Just go here and sign up for the training and I’ll send you one! Better than that, you can watch the training immediately and KNOW that you’re more secure when you go to bed tonight.

And next week, when you vote, you’ll be more able to handle any situation that might arise, regardless of whether you’re able to carry or not.

Learn more now by clicking >HERE<

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