French gov Watchdog Group Shares Shooting Secret?

Yesterday, a French government watchdog agency released a 400 page document that could have a big impact on shooters everywhere.

I have a quick, 2 minute video demonstrating what they’re talking about…but it can change your reaction times by up to 20% and make a huge difference on how quickly you learn skills.

Now, if you’ve gone through the Draw Stroke Mastery Program, you’re already aware of this and several other cutting edge neurological hacks to make learning gun skills quicker, easier, and cheaper.

But, if you haven’t gone through DSM yet, you really need to check it out (and the new bonuses by clicking >HERE< now.

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  • Robert Torbett

    Reply Reply September 29, 2019

    Has anyone else checked this out to confirm the issue. I have been converting to LED lighting due to the fact that the CFL lamps are disappearing from store shelves. Last time I went to the big blue store, there were virtually no CFLs on the shelves. If I need to switch back, I would need another source.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply September 29, 2019

      Robert, a quick google search will turn up a disturbing amount of studies on the consequences of using LED lights. The problems come from two main causes…the ratio of blue/red light and flicker.

      Blue light in particular…from LED, flourescent, or CFLs…has been shown to slow reflexes, increase neck, back, and eye tension, increase headaches, disturb circadian rhythms and sleep, decrease muscle output, decrease range of motion & flexibility, make reading more difficult, and cause attention challenges in both children and adults.

      Please don’t get me wrong…blue light is not completely evil…it’s quite helpful for people in Northern climates during the shorter days of winter and it’s closer to the light of the midday sun than an incandescent bulb.

      But most people see immediate, measurable changes in pain, flexibility, eye tension, and more when they switch to a more natural lighting.

      We also made the switch to CFLs and LEDs. It was painfully expensive and they don’t last nearly as long as incandescents. We have gradually switched our bulbs from 4000-5000K (bright white) to 2700-3000K and it’s made a huge difference in several areas.

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