What Freedom Means To Me

“To me, freedom means being able to make decisions about how I live my life and our family lives our lives rather than having the course of our lives dictated to us.

Some of the freedom that I experience is out of my control…but a lot is.

One of the reasons why I prepare…why I train…is to maintain freedom.  What I’ve seen over the years is that when people don’t prepare, they are more likely to need to voluntarily give up freedoms.

Skills of violence with a desire for peace means that I am not subject to the whims of tyrants who are willing to use violence to take what they want.  The skills of violence, with a gun, knife, tactical pen, or empty hands gives me the freedom to go where I want to go (within reason) without fear of becoming a victim.

Preparedness allows me to take care of several issues that our family is faced with without having to voluntarily give up freedoms to get the things we need.

Knowledge allows me to base decisions on facts, laws, and history rather than on the ever changing whim of the loudest voice of the day.  This allows me to live freer than if I constantly subjected myself to the limitations of social pressure.”  -Ox


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