Fined for NOT Bringing A Gun To Church? (What I carry to church now)

This last week, Virginia made it legal to carry guns and knives in churches again.

That’s how it should be, but the irony is that men used to be fined if they forgot to bring their gun to church in Virginia.

Virginia law stated, ”All men that are fitting to bear arms, shall bring their pieces to the church upon pain of every offence.”

The pain?

2 pounds of tobacco.

It was similar in other states.

I carry in church and I’m thankful that dozens of other well trained shooters in our church do too.

I believe it’s the responsibility of those who can to watch over and protect those who are unable or unwilling to protect themselves.

But most out-of-the-ordinary situations in a church don’t require an armed response.

So, a lot of times, I get asked what else I carry.

I’ve carried a LOT of different things to church over the years…spare mag, Taser, pepper spray, flex cuffs, tourniquet, and other things when there were specific threats.

I still carry some of that if there’s a special need, but my slick, normal light “loadout” for church is as follows:

Glock 26 with a +2 mag extension (12 or 13 rounds total)

Emerson Commander knife

Surefire Backup 200 lumen pocket flashlight

Stealth tactical pen

Plastic, metal, or ceramic coffee cup

That’s it…light, simple, and easy.

In most cases, I consider my coffee cup to be the primary weapon or distraction tool I’d use to buy myself enough time to transition to something more effective if things cooked off within 3-10 feet.

If I don’t have anything in my hands and a situation is brewing up close, I’ll sneak my pen into my left hand…either in or out of my pocket.

Because, even though I know I can draw and get a hit on a threat with my Glock in under a second from concealment at close distances, a Stealth Tac Pen is even faster, as I demonstrate >HERE<

That’s one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about people having a Stealth Tactical Pen and the training on how to use it.

Because there are times and places when you can’t carry legally.

And situations where you can’t be watching a bad situation unfold with a gun in your hand, but you CAN have your Stealth Tactical Pen in your hand.

Yesterday, I told you we had gotten our January shipment of Stealth Tactical Pens in…we still have some and I want to share 2 options with you on how to get yours and training today.

First, when you sign up for the “Fight To Your Gun” empty hands, improvised weapon, and tac-pen video training >HERE< we’ll send you out a Stealth Tactical Pen. It’s the best combination of written and video training for using tactical pens, coffee cups, and other improvised weapons available.

Second, you can buy just-the-pen, on it’s own, >HERE< and we’ll include the Special Forces TacPen Fighting guide…so you know how to use ANY pen or tactical pen as effectively as possible when lives are on the line.

The choice is yours…

Stealth TacPen + Special Forces TacPen Fighting Guide >HERE<


“Fight To Your Gun” video training, Stealth TacPen + Special Forces TacPen Fighting Guide >HERE<

Either way,

Order yours today and start carrying this week.

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