Draw Stroke Mastery & 1 Second Draw Strokes On The Move From Concealment

Recording and editing on the new Draw Stroke Mastery course is coming along quickly.  We’ve got a couple hours of the course already posted in Upgraded Shooter.

This training comes from doing remote and in-person private video coaching with hundreds of shooters and developing a 140 point checklist for the drawstroke.

I took those 140 points and distilled them down to the ones that are easiest to apply and understand, quickest to apply, and that give shooters the biggest immediate impact on speed and accuracy.

The result is the Draw Stroke Mastery training.

With it, it’s quicker and easier than you may think to get a sub-second drawstroke with at-home practice…And I don’t just mean flat footed shooting from a race holster.  I mean being able to make 1 second or sub-second hits on target from the holster when you’re drawing from concealment and moving off the X, like I demonstrate in this video:

I really want to encourage you to watch to the end.  As I was reviewing the video with my wife, she was kind of shocked that I was sharing it on the blog since I’ve always charged for it in the past…it’s that unique and valuable.  It’s important training for anyone interested in speed, but it’s especially important for anyone who owns a firearm for self-defense purposes.

You see, many people think that a sub-second drawstroke is only useful for gaming and quickdraw competitions and miss the incredible application for self-defense shooting.

The fact is that your quest for a sub-second drawstroke with Draw Stroke Mastery will automatically refine your technique, trim off any wasted movement, and give you more speed with less effort.  In the process, you’ll end up with a draw stroke that’s more resilient to the kind of chaotic situations that you’ll run into in a self-defense shooting situation.  In fact, the slower you are, the more you need this training.

The ability to safely, quickly, accurately, and consistently draw, present, and engage targets is critical to self-defense shooting.  And this is the most powerful course that I’ve put out or that I know of on the skill.

Like all of our training, it is geared towards shooters who don’t have unlimited time to train and need to get the most benefit out of every minute and dollar spent on training–which makes it perfect for you!

Draw Stroke Mastery is, by far, the most powerful training available to put fast, accurate first hits on target with minimal practice time using cutting edge training techniques.

Learn more now by clicking >HERE<

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