CNN Reveals New Bullet That Travels 28,000 Feet Per Second!  (And 6 other media gun myths)

This morning, people awoke to learn about an act of violence at a Garlic Festival south of San Francisco.

It was horrible and senseless, but we’ve been force-fed lie after lie by the media and politicians in an attempt to demonize firearms and gun owners.

At the same time CNN revealed a new bullet that travels at 28,000 feet per second…that’s more than 5 MILES per second and faster than an intercontinental ballistic missile.  (most pistol rounds travel between 1000 and 1400 feet per second, and most rifle rounds only travel between 2000 and 3000 feet per second)

So, we’re going to look at a few of these myths quickly and give you some ammo when you hear people parrot them.

  1. Like I said, earlier this morning, CNN was talking about how “assault rifles” fire projectiles at 28,000 feet per second.Depending on the bullet, powder load, and barrel length, projectiles being fired from rifles that look like an Armalite Rifle, Model 15 (aka AR-15) travel between 1,000 and 3,000 feet per second.

    Maybe, at some point in the future, the media, politicians, and “experts” will actually learn about firearms instead of just telling us how we don’t really need them.

  2. The gun used was an “Assault Rifle”. No…the term assault rifle goes back to the end of WWII when Germany started using the sturmgewehr (assault rifle) fully automatic rifles.  “Assault rifle” has become a political term to demonize black SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifles.  I have rifles that look like the AR-15 that shoot .22, 9mm, pellets, and airsoft BBs, but they are not assault rifles simply because of their color, shape, and features.
  3. The gun used was a “High Powered Rifle.”   The term “high powered rifle” has been around since the late 1800s and it designates a rifle that fires a projectile that’s heavy enough and fast enough to reliably, dependability, and ethically take down large game..223 and 5.56 may be fast enough, but “high powered” guns fire projectiles that are 2, 3, 4, or more TIMES heavier.  In fact, even with the incredible upgrades in bullet performance, it’s still not legal to shoot deer (which is BARELY large game) with a .223 in several states.

    In military speak, the .223 is an “intermediate cartridge” that is between the ammo used for a battle rifle (i.e. .30 calibers) and pistols.

  4. The shooting was an example of “Gun Violence.”   The term “gun violence” is a made-up term that makes as much sense as “fork overeating.”  Guns aren’t violent.  In fact, there were probably 265 million or so guns that didn’t shoot anyone yesterday in the US.  But evil people ARE violent…and when they are, the ability of good people to use violence to stop the mayhem is all that stands between innocent lives and innocent deaths.Sometimes, it’s law enforcement who use violence to stop evil…sometimes, in free states, it’s a civilian who’s able to respond immediately and stop the threat.
  5. “Common sense” gun laws would have stopped the shooting from happening.   There are currently more than 20,000 gun laws on the books in the US.  They may help prosecute a criminal after the fact, but breaking the law does not change the behavior of someone who’s willing to murder innocent people.Actually, I’ll take back what I said.  “common sense” gun laws that allow responsible, law abiding citizens to carry a firearm and protect themselves may have deterred the shooter and also may have stopped him sooner.
  6. Gun laws work.   Gun laws change the behavior of people who are willing to follow the law.The shooting occurred in California, which has some of the most numerous and backwards gun laws in the country.  But, the fact is that in the process of using a firearm to shoot people, a dozen or more laws are broken.  Why would someone willing to murder be concerned about breaking one more law?
  7. Violence is new/unique.   Violence is an unfortunate part of life in a fallen world.  Violence against innocent people happens on a daily basis around the globe in every country and it’s been this way for thousands of years.What’s different is the media and politician’s hyperbolic focus on taking firearms away from good people and their willingness to distort reality around firearms to do so.

Now, it’s a tragedy that 3 people died at the garlic festival.  It’s senseless and horrible.  And I wouldn’t be writing about it today if I didn’t feel the need to defend our rights from the onslaught of the media.  But if the media were really troubled by the senseless loss of life rather than advancing a political agenda, wouldn’t they be giving equal time to the following stories:

  • 3 died in a car accident in Christian County Kentucky on Friday.
  • 3 children died in car accident the week before last in Springfield CA.
  • 3 men died in a car accident last Wednesday in Hobbs, NM
  • 20 died and 50 were injured in a car bombing on Sunday in KabulIf the media were truly concerned about violent deaths, these should get as much, if not more coverage, shouldn’t they? (Yes…I’m counting car accidents as violence—because they are.  Not in the same way as a tyrant using violence as a tool, but they’re still incredibly violent events.)

    And, if they were truly concerned about saving the most people, wouldn’t they focus more on the 2000+ per day who die in the US from diet related diseases…oftentimes perpetrated with an evil fully-semi-automatic fork?

No…the reason there’s so much focus on deaths where firearms are involved is because of pandering and a desire to centralize power.

But, let’s get back to evil people using violence.

Day-after-day for thousands of years, the only tool that has reliably stopped evil people from using violence to impose their tyrannical will is good people with the tools and skills to use violence to stop them.

It’s why I’m so passionate about helping people like you train to survive what may be the most important event of your life.

To get the life-saving skills you need as quickly and affordably as possible.

Which brings up the question, what’s your biggest training need right now?

When you see events like this in the news and imagine yourself in that situation (with or without your firearm), what are your strengths and what do you need to work on?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.



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  • David M. Schmidt

    Reply Reply August 2, 2019

    By way of comparison, escape velocity, or the velocity needed for an object to leave earth’s gravity and go into orbit, is about 36,700 feet per second. So if an AR-15 can only fire a bullet at 28,000 feet per second, I guess you’d need an AR-10 to actually put a bullet in orbit…according to CNN, anyway.

  • Tony B

    Reply Reply August 2, 2019

    Maybe CNN is referring to the Railgun. Which is not something that anyone will carry. They mount it on the deck of a ship.

    • Ox

      Reply Reply August 2, 2019

      That would be great, but unfortunately, they were referring to the type of gun used in the shooting…they were calling it an AR at the time, but it’s come out since that it was an AK.

  • Owen McCullen

    Reply Reply July 29, 2019

    I agree with all you have written but wonder if most of us are “to the choir”. Isn’t your audience generally going to agree with your position? Is there any way to increase your audience to include and educate those who dwell in woeful ignorance.
    Unfortunately, the NRA, our loudest and most frequently heard voice is largely and erroneously discredited. Can we not find a forum that is both credible and reaches an audience outside those who read and accept this blog?

    • Ox

      Reply Reply July 29, 2019

      Yes…I am mostly preaching to the choir with my subscribers, but here’s why I still write articles like this:

      Sometimes, people form an opinion based on pure emotion, but my subscribers tend to be people who also back up their opinions with facts, logic, history, and reason.

      The problem is that everyone’s memory is perishable.

      And if you form an opinion today based on facts, there’s no guarantee that you will remember those facts a week, month, or year from now when you’re face to face with someone who has a radically different opinion.

      In fact, there shouldn’t really be an expectation to remember a fact or story after only hearing it once…you might remember fragments of it, but it’s difficult to use facts that you’ve only heard once in a real-time face-to-face discussion/argument.

      The way to combat this is with periodic refreshers.

      And that’s why articles like today are important.

      Not that there’s a single new bit of information, but that it is a reminder and it will hopefully harmonize with what you’ve learned in the past.

      And that way, when you are face to face with someone who’s spouting off woeful ignorance, maybe you’ll remember one of the quips you read today and you’ll be able to offer a sound counter-point.

  • RayJN

    Reply Reply July 29, 2019

    What is an extra zero? People trying to set new record bullet speeds has the problem of them disintegrating just after exiting the barrel. Just because criminal don’t obey the 20k laws already on the books is no reason not to pass more for them to ignore. Shooting a criminal in the commission of a crime is Vigilantism, unless you are law enforcement. So disarming the law-abiding ensures that the criminals have due process, if they are ever caught.

  • Chuck

    Reply Reply July 29, 2019

    Maybe they read about a bullet shot at 28000 FPS. Which is slow motion videography. (Shot meaning filmed and FPS meaning Frames per second, not feet).

  • Carlene Ellis

    Reply Reply July 29, 2019

    You hit the nail on the head with this article. People need to hear the other side of the story and when we can respond with educated facts, it’s much better than an emotional outburst. One of my staff called an SR 15 an “assault rifle” just this morning. I told her only criminals “assault” people with a gun. I’m always glad to have more facts to use when discussing firearms.

    I live in CA, close to Gilroy where the shooting occurred. A group of my friends were there that day and I decided to stay home. They had left before the shooting started, but it makes me angry knowing that even if I’d been there, I wouldn’t have been allowed to bring my legally obtained and legally concealed carry into the event. I’m sure we know what’s going to happen next and CA gun owners are bracing for yet another round of pointless, ineffective legislation. Wish us luck.

  • Chuck

    Reply Reply July 29, 2019

    I am sure more people died in motor vehicles collisions yesterday than the three you mentioned. There was one collision mentioned on the Los Angeles news this morning where an automobile hit a tree with such force it broke the automobile into three pieces. I didn’t make specific note of how many died in that collision but I believe it was two. The police announced that they believe speed was the cause of the collision. Inasmuch as the scene depicted on TV was mostly straight, I would think it was a combination of speed (vehicle in three pieces (?) and inattention.

    While it was tragic that a six year old was killed by this malevolent individual whom I hope will not be named and identified in the media, just the day before in New York a father was arrested because he “forgot” that his two young children were in the back seat of the automobile which he drove to work and left out in the sun all day. They died of the heat in the locked, enclosed car. The crowd in the courtroom this morning is reported to have cheered when he was released OR. I don’t know what that says to others, but I find it disheartening. When we talk about deaths of young children, we have to remember that significantly more children die in swimming pools than are killed by firearms, especially if we take out the “children” who are involved in gang activity and are aged 18 and older.

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