Calling Your Shots With Dry Fire-How To Know If You’re Improving

I woke up to a great question on FB today from Eddie…

How do you know if you’re hitting your target with dry fire?

It’s a GREAT question…and here was my answer:

First, the bullet is going to go where the sights are aligned the instant that the gun goes click/bang.

When you dry fire, you learn to pay attention to how your sights are aligned as you’re pressing the trigger.

You specifically learn to pay attention to how the sights are aligned the moment that the trigger breaks.  If your sights are lined up so that the front and rear sights are at equal height and there’s equal light on both sides of the front sight, your bullet will impact right where you were aiming.  This assumes that your sights are lined up correctly, as they should be.

Knowing where your bullets went is called “calling your shot” and the ability to call your shots without having to look at/see the holes in the target is a big benefit for live fire shooting. It will make you a more confident shooter and it will make your multiple shot groups MUCH faster and tighter.

Second, if you want, you can get a laser trainer, like the so that you have visual feedback of where you’re “hitting”.  It is my preferred method of doing dry fire because they can be left out, unsecured, 24/7 and they are inherently safe.

Next question…how do you know if your grouping is getting tighter if there are no holes on the paper?

I kind of answered it above, but there’s more to this. Dry fire is a way to get better at live fire that’s faster and less expensive than live fire. But the key here is live fire. Your results during live fire are the final answer to how well your dry fire practice is working.

The stress shooting lab, SEALed Mindset (one of our partners), determined that the optimal ratio for dry fire:live fire practice is 80% dry fire, 10% live fire, and 10% force on force. But people get great results with ratios of 90:10, 99:1, and once the skills are firmly established, 999:1.

There’s a big picture answer to this as well. Tight groups are a result of consistently executing perfect form the exact same way, every time. With live fire only training, there’s no practical way to develop that kind of consistency that works with most people’s schedules and budgets.

The best way to develop consistent, perfect form is to have frequent small block practice sessions…like the training model that martial arts has used for thousands of years, or how top sports teams practice. You never hear of a sports team only practicing once a week or once a month and then performing at a high level in a championship game.

They develop their skill with frequent small block practice sessions.  More specifically, early in their careers, athletes spend a lot of time on the sidelines watching more experienced athletes demonstrating good form.  They watch it with the intent of duplicating it, and then they actually DO duplicate it.

Over time, this cycle of repeatedly watching perfect form with the intent of duplicating it and then executing the technique is the fastest and most effective way of learning a complex motion that you intend to execute under stress.

And that’s a big part of what makes the at-home training programs from SEALed Mindset so effective…even more effective than traditional live training courses.

You’re exposed to bite-sized chunks of technique, you learn why some techniques are more effective than others, see them demonstrated with perfect form, and get to do follow-along drills where you watch and do at the same time.

Unlike a live class, you can rewind and repeat anything that you missed that day and you can re-watch anything that you forgot at any point in the future.  That means you’ll learn more in less time for less money and retain the skills you learn longer.

As you know by now, we’ve got a SEALed Mindset training bundle that we’re offering up to a $226.99 discount on for Cyber Monday.

It uses this same proven process to help you learn situational awareness, fighting with a tactical flashlight, basic firearms fundamentals and safe gun handling, fighting with a concealed pistol, fighting with a carbine, defending your home from home invasion, interacting with 911 and police after a justified use of force, and more…

You’ve got 3 options:

Silver:  Get the online-on-demand digital version of all of the training (sorry, no SIRT laser pistol or “Building Shooters”) and save 41% by clicking >HERE<

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Platinum:  Get both the DVDs AND online-on-demand digital versions, the SIRT, Building Shooters

and save $226.99 by clicking >HERE<

This is the biggest savings we’ve ever offered on SEALed Mindset pistol, carbine, and situational awareness training combined with a SIRT Laser Pistol!

Here’s why you want this package:

The video training not only includes classroom components where you learn the “why”, but most importantly, it includes follow along dry fire drills that are designed to be done in yourliving room while you watch the video.

It’s like a follow-along workout video where you watch an expert demonstrate perfect form while you follow along in the comfort of yourown home.

This at-home training package is based on the $2,000 per person 2-day training that I offer with Larry & Beau, as well as the $300-$350 per hour live instruction.

Concealed Carry Masters Course:  This 9+ hour concealed carry pistol course is guaranteed to make you a better shooter by analyzing and refining your technique from the ground up.  The techniques carry over to competition, but are specifically designed to radically increase your odds in a 360 degree concealed carry extreme stress self-defense situation.  Retail: $197

Home Defense Rifle:  This course is designed for defending your home against a home invasion with an AR-15 type modern sporting rifle or other carbine.  It includes specific high leverage house hardening tactics, specific advice on interacting with 911 in an emergency, and, of course, carbine training and follow along drills that are engineered from the ground up for law abiding civilians defending their home from armed invaders (instead of military or law enforcement techniques that may expose you to unnecessary liability and may even hurt your ability to effectively defend your family).  Retail: $147

Real World Safety and Avoid Deter Defend Situational Awareness courses:  These ground breaking courses take a simple, systematic, and proven approach to situational awareness that’s not seen outside of elite military units and foreign intelligence divisions.  In short, it teaches you how to quickly, easily, and subconsciously assess your environment for threats on a continual basis without being distracting or taking away from everyday life.

Real World Safety is appropriate for the entire family…for 5 year old kids to 95 year old grandmas and big sections of it are mandatory curriculum for middle schoolers in some school districts.  Retail: $37

Avoid Deter Defend kicks it up a notch and goes into more specifics on how to program threat profiles and conditioned responses into yoursubconscious.  It’s not only great for career military and law enforcement, many have said it should be mandatory training for incoming college freshmen.  You’ll also learn how to incorporate the most effective self defense tool available that can be used by people of any stature, carried almost anywhere, and used to increase the effectiveness of all other weapons, including firearms.  What is it?  The tactical flashlight.  And you’ll not only learn the most effective way to use it to quickly stop violent threats, the follow-along drills will have you practicing and refining your technique as you watch.  Retail: $47

After The Smoke Clears:  This is the definitive guide for how to handle yourself after a legal use-of-force incident to minimize unnecessary liability.  It goes into everything from your interaction with bystanders, what you do and don’t say to the 911 operator, how to interact with responding officers to keep from being harmed, and what to say to officers before your attorney arrives.  The battle for your life may be over in seconds, but you want to make sure that your actions after the smoke clears don’t cause unnecessary legal and civil problems for you and yourloved ones. (digital only)  Retail: $17

SIRT Performer Laser Training Pistol:   This is the preferred firearms training tool for SEALed Mindset, as well as many state and federal law enforcement schools.  In short, if you’re serious about training to defendyour life with a firearm, you need a SIRT.  It’s the safest and easiest way to do 360 degree dry fire practice that you can’t do on a typical range, but need to be comfortable with for real life.  Retail: $237

Next, we’ve got “Gundamentals” for the new shooter.  If you’re already tacticool, this isn’t for you…but it may be the perfect way to teach someone you love about the safe handling, function, and use of a firearm.  Gundamentals is designed for the complete newbie and it fills a gap in a way that no other video or live training does.  Gundamentals is a digital only product that comes with the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages and the retail price is $17.

And we just added the book, “Building Shooters” from SEALed Mindset co-founder, Dustin Solomon.  Building shooters goes into the modern neuroscience of shooting in a way that anyone who teaches professionally or teaches friends and family needs to understand.  Dusty covers the simple, specific ways that you can become an expert level shooter in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the expense of traditional methods.

The book is based, in part on events that happened after the USS Cole bombing.  Dusty was overseas and tasked with training up a 240 person port/harbor security force and his annual ammo budget was 2,000 rounds.  Not per person…total…less than 9 rounds per person.

He not only delivered the training, but his students consistently performed nearly as well or as well as security personnel who had been to multiple 1,000 round per day classes…You’ll learn how Dusty’s students did it in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.  The retail price of Building Shooters is $24.99 and is only included with the Platinum package.

Pick the package that’s best for you and you can save up to 41% or $226.99!

You’ve got 3 options:

Silver:  Get the online-on-demand digital version of all of the training (sorry, no SIRT or “Building Shooters”) and save 41% by clicking >HERE<!

Gold:  Get both the DVDs AND online-on-demand digital versions (sorry, no SIRT or “Building Shooters”) save $163 by clicking >HERE<!

Platinum:  Get both the DVDs AND online-on-demand digital versions AND the SIRT and save $226.99by clicking >HERE<!

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