At-Home Draw Stroke Assessment

First things first…download this at-home Draw Stroke Assessment now by clicking >HERE< or the image below:

Do the drills and let me know how you did.

Second…this is big.

I’m getting ready to kick off a 6 week LIVE, online draw stroke class this coming week!

Some of the things we’re going to be addressing are…

  • How to make accurate first hits fast enough to stop threats before they can shoot, cut or hit your loved ones or you with a dot or irons, regardless of whether you’re perfectly healthy or have a weak grip and wear bifocals.
  • Get good enough so you are confident to defend your loved ones, take that class you’ve been dragging your feet on, or even compete.
  • For already great shooters…how to speed up your first hits without wasting a ton of time and money on diminishing returns.
  • If it takes too long for you to line up your sights or find your dot, you’ll finally make it fast, accurate, and automatic.
  • How to get better when you don’t really have the time or money to train.
  • How to get explosive gains in performance when you’ve plateaued out with every other tool, gadget, and drill you’ve tried.
  • Do Red Dots help? How do I know if they’re good for me? How do I avoid the dreaded STEEP learning curve when switching from irons to dots?  Which ones are proven losers and a waste of money?  Which can I trust my life to and what do I do if they fail?

I checked with a few of my contemporaries, and there’s nothing close to what you’ll be getting in this live training with me.  If you want to get anything close to this, you’d end up needing to take a few days off of work, travel, AND spend over $1,000.00 on tuition and ammo.  Total cost for most people ends up being north of $2,000.00.

The training this week will deliver more value in less time at a tiny fraction of the cost by using training techniques that match how your brain learns physical skills most efficiently…so you end up building more skill with less cost, effort, and time.

We’ll be meeting mid-day on Tuesdays and early evenings on Thursdays for the next 6 weeks.  We’ll cover the same material on both Tuesday and Thursday and you can attend one, both, or watch the replay of either/both.

Get signed up now by clicking >HERE<  Don’t delay…spots are limited and so is time.

If you’ve got any questions, fire away by commenting below OR reply back to the email that brought you here.




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  • Brad Niemann

    Reply Reply November 11, 2022

    Hello Ox,
    I took you up on purchasing and reading your gun fighting book. Really enjoying it so far. Also did your Alpha Shooter program. Say, I have a brain study book for you, that perhaps you’ve read and perhaps not.
    Now the book is called “THE INNER GAME OF TENNIS”. I’m a pickle ball player but, the skill sets and brain science in this book are transcendent to many other life subjects such as the draw stroke. Now if you maintain your neuroplastisity (LOL), you will thank me later if you haven’t read this book.
    A little paperback book, still available on Amazon. I think you will have some good take aways if you read it. Would love to hear in a blog or note from you, your thoughts about this angle of brain science.
    Brad Niemannn

    • Ox

      Reply Reply November 11, 2022

      That’s a GREAT book, Brad…thank you for recommending it.

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