AR Dry Fire Training With paintball and airsoft for home defense

I’m a huge fan of the AR in all of it’s variants.

But between limitations on where you can train, the cost of training, and safety concerns when doing 270-360 degree training, it can be a challenge.

You can practice with your real AR, but you’ve got to be exacting with your safety procedures and you can’t leave an AR out for “quicke” training like you can a non-gun.

Laser training is definitely an option, but sometimes, it’s fun to actually shoot things…so I’ve got 2 awesome options to share with you today:

You may be wondering what’s up with my glasses…

When they work, they’re super-cool recording glasses where the camera comes down right above my dominant eye.  The camera was angled too far down and I didn’t get any usable footage this time.

The training I mentioned was  It’s a must-have for anyone who owns a carbine, shotgun, or lever action for home defense or is thinking of buying one.

You can find out more about the T4E paint/powderball HK416 carbines here: T4E HK 416 LE Training Marker Platform| Training For Engagement (  .  If you want one, let me know.  I’ve got 4 for training and I believe I have 3 unopened ones for sale in the warehouse.

The Chaos Training Solutions airsoft guns are simply awesome.  Prices vary wildly depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.  One Marine Raider wanted an EXACT replica of his duty weapon, down to the exact weight, nicks, blemishes, etc.  Jay did it.

The target setup is a custom portable setup that I make that I’ve taken on airlines as checked baggage with no problem.  The configuration in the video had a center mass target, 2 heads popping around cover, a 4″ head shot above an 8″ center mass shot, and a hostage rescue target.

It does several important things…it combines speed of engagement with visual decision-making.  Just mowing down anything that lights up is a super-bad idea, but most training doesn’t have a good way to feed shooters targets that change over time and that you need to make value judgements on.

The setup runs right at $1,000 and you can run it from your phone or tablet.  For more info, let me know below.

Questions?  Comments?  Fire away by commenting below.

And, seriously…if you own a shoulder mounted firearm and don’t own Home Defense Rifle, you need to fix that mistake right now by going >HERE<

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  • Robert Trier

    Reply Reply August 5, 2022

    What good are they when they are OUT OF STOCK ???

    • Ox

      Reply Reply August 6, 2022

      Which one?

  • Mauricio Morello

    Reply Reply August 5, 2022

    Hi Ox,
    Great video!
    I am interested in the target setup you’re using on the video, can you please tell me costs, specs and availability?

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