1 Quick (life saving) Lesson From First Gunfights…

I’ve got a great quick video to share with you today from 2 former US Army Special Forces shooters from Northern Red about how dramatically their training changed after their first gunfight overseas.

Their belief that they were “good enough”…

What they focused on…

And how reality smacked the snot out of conventional wisdom and what made sense.

Some people learn this after their first gunfight.

I’ve worked with shooters who were in a dozen or more gunfights before figuring this out.

You can learn it in a few seconds from this video.

Make sure to pay extra close attention for about 20 seconds starting 50 seconds in.


  1.  Practicing more doesn’t help if you’re not practicing the right stuff.
  2.  Speed doesn’t end gunfights…hits do.  Fast hits end them sooner.  Fast precise hits end them even quicker.
  3.  When they watched more experienced operators, they THOUGHT they knew what made them good (speed) and the copied it.  Combat taught them that it was only part of the equation.

Using traditional methods, getting both fast + accurate takes too much training time and too much ammo for the average shooter.

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And the time you save on mastering technique can then be used for tactics & advanced skills.

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