1 Hole Challenge


If you or a loved one want to be able to shoot 1 hole groups then keep reading…

What kind of shooting performance is possible when you master the mental component of shooting?

If you follow Insight’s Deadly Accuracy Home Study program, you’ll be shooting 1 hole groups within your first few minutes on the range after going through the home study program, like Joe Homs from California talks about in the video below:

Joe’s a relatively new shooter, as evidenced by his use of “clip” instead of “mag” or “magazine”, but who cares if he knows the right terminology if he can out shoot the majority of the shooters at his range!

You might be asking why 1 hole groups are important.

3 things.

1. Most shooters can’t shoot a 1 hole group at 5 feet, let alone 11, 21, or farther out. A 1 hole group is a great test/benchmark to IMMEDIATELY tell you if you’ve got your grip, trigger press, vision, and sight alignment correct. Add speed to the equation, and you raise the bar a quantum leap.

2. The nationwide average hit ratio for law enforcement is 15-25%. The rest of the rounds fired miss their target. Just like Mel Gibson taught his son in “Patriot,” “Aim Small, Miss Small.” If you let yourself merely hit the target in training, stats, history and logic tells us that you’ll miss a lot under stress. If you train to shoot 1 hole groups–at first slowly and then progressively speed up–your groups may very well still expand under stress, but stats, history, and logic tells us that you’ll hit more and MISS LESS.

3. The mental dynamics that are taught in the Deadly Accuracy Home Study Course have been proven in real life engagements to help the shooter remain calm and in control when most people would lose it. They’re able to use their front sight and they’re able to put fast, accurate shots on target. It’s not just about shooting 1 hole groups–that’s just a stupid human trick that you’ll pick up–it’s about performing at an incredibly high level when you’re behind the curve and lives are on the line and putting rounds where they need to go to stop a threat.

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