Winning Gunfights From Behind The 8-Ball Video 2

We’ve got another video on winning gunfights when all the odds are stacked against you.

This time, the bad guy has his gun drawn, finger on the trigger.

The good guy has his hands in the air in the surrender position.

Yet, somehow, the good guys walk away and the bad guy is laying in a pool of his own blood.

Can you spot the factors that turned the tables?

Share them by commenting below.

I’ve got 8 (EIGHT!) key things that this guy did right that I’m going to share with you on the webinar on Thursday


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  • David Drake

    Reply Reply June 6, 2019

    The hostage also playing his part by faining compliance, but his key input was controlling the arm around his neck, and moving himself off to the side to present a clear line of fire for his friend with the gun. I could not tell if the he attempted to control the gun pointed at his head.

  • Terrance A Turner

    Reply Reply June 5, 2019

    The two leaning on the gas pumps were projecting “victim status” throughout the clip. Minimal movement, compliant and easily monitored by the hostage taker. The man in blue remained in almost constant motion (making bad guy think a lot). His body in motion masked the lowering of his hands (too much for bad guy to think about in his elevated state of mind). That gave him time to act decisively. True, the muzzle flash and bullet wizzing by may have been of concern to the hostage but it saved his life. The two unaware guys appear to have fled but I notice that blue remained in relatively close proximity to assure the safety of the hostage. His weapon is still in hand and trained on the bad guy. I hope the next thing he did was help to put distance between hostage and hostage-taker and check to see if the hostage was OK.

    That’s a very hard decision for blue to have made though… how serious was the hostage taker? Did he have time to “talk him down”? He chose to act and I do not fault him for that at all. My assessment from a few seconds of data… He saved a life and precluded future violence that the bad guy would have brought on someone else later on.

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